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Re: “Letters to the Editor: January 4, 2016

The question that should be put to Hopkins is this: Does she advocate "sanctuary" status for Sonoma County because the wine industry fat cats who backed her profit from illegal immigration?

Posted by MHilber on 01/05/2017 at 11:32 AM

Re: “Letters to the Editor: January 4, 2016

Fantastic letter, Doug!

Methinks that Ms. Hopkins is quite adept at the "art" of doublespeak.

I am heartened that you have conveyed so clearly that you aren't buying such nonsense.
And neither am I.

It is one thing to use Donald Trump's victory and upcoming ascendancy to power as an easy diversionary target in an effort to deflect the memories of the voters away from the disturbing facts of how she obtained her seat.

However, it is quite another thing to think that all of the voters are so stupid that they will not realize the irony in the adoption of such a sordid political tactic.

Fortunately, the Fifth District isn't entirely composed of fools who will blithely buy into such nonsense.

It is now up to Ms. Hopkins to decisively prove the naysayers wrong by disavowing the unprecedented plethora of dirty tactics which were employed by her big-money donors, her advisers and her handlers who helped her to obtain this local seat of political power.

We'll be watching and waiting with equal parts of anticipation and apprehension.
But we won't be holding our breath.

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Posted by Thomas Bonfigli on 01/05/2017 at 12:52 AM

Re: “Letters to the Editor: December 21, 2016

It's ironic and hilarious that David Dale is so rapped up in his own issues that he thinks that David Madgalene insulted his precious substandard fart form.

First off. David M. is a professional creative writer, and a very good one, who has written numerous novels, and poetry books, which David D. has no comprehension about, and so projects his own tv viewing onto David M. to insult him, like a talentless rapper insulting a real poet. The most funny thing about all of David's peurile comment is that he missed the whole meaning of David M.'s essay, which was satire, and in so doing proved David M.'s points by creating his own accidental, cloud of unconscious irony.

David M.'s satire had posed a what if question, stating that "if" rap were dead, then Trump has revived it, not as a real talented rapper, but as a clown puppet of the rich, fooling people with naughty rhymes and doggerel. See, David M. doesn't hate rap, nor did he say it's dead, he just said, "if" it were, then perhaps Trump could revive it. That's a kind of literary device way beyond simple little pouting, angry, hostile David D.'s tiny brain power, and that makes me laugh, a lot, that David D. would be so defensive about his little rap music that he'd completely misunderstand & misread an entire essay.

Anyway, I've got better things to do, but I'll quickly set the record straight. David M. has lived in NYC, and hung out with more real inner city ethnic folks than David D. could ever dream to meet.That's part of David M.'s sophistication, he lived in the big city, traveled, and lived in various places, and made friends with many people of different races, and he especially respects black African American culture, and he has also graduated from a fine American university, and also studied creative writing with a number of professional writers at Naropa, and other locations, and studied with some who are African American. It's very hilarious to me that someone so simple minded, could be so offended, by misreading a clever essay about current American political culture, and misread it to be an attack on rap, when in fact it's nothing of the sort. A misreading so gigantic that this person misses the entire point of the essay, that a mirror is necessary on a culture, when a culture can create a Donald Trump as it's president. And it's fascinating to me that someone would take such great offense, just to defend an art form (rap), with some geniuses & true artists, but also with many deplorables, and who thus completely missed the meaning of the essay, and yet, in doing so, ironically, he shows a mirror of the exact way that people can react mindlessly, aggressively, stupidly, as Trump does on Twitter, to every little perceived slight, instead of being smart, classy, & dealing with more important issues. David Dale sure ironically illustrated David Magdalene's points in his essay, by behaving like a Trump, or a Trump "alt-right" deplorable, whining about being insulted, and missing the whole point in their silly fury. I don't think rap loving and worshiping Dave D. really is a deplorable, he's probably a good guy who wants to respect everyone, & treat people right, I guess, I'm sure willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, but the problem is, if you can't see the forest from the trees, then you can look the other way easily, when people like Trump & his band of deplorables come along with their chain saws, & steamrollers, and pretty soon our forests are gone, because too many are distracted by nonsense, & piddle, of their own creation, & that of our deplorable overlords.

I think that was part of David Magdalene's essay's point. Sorry David D. missed it. I can't wait to read David M.'s satire of this minor brouhaha, should he be so inspired, as he is fully capable of great satire, but I won't obligate him to write one, as a fellow writer, I deplore being obligated to write (unless I'm paid, then I'll love it!). I can imagine it though, having read, and seen performed, much of my friend David Magdalenes' very clever, funny, shocking, insightful, and compassionate writing about many African Americans, and, of course, white Americans that David has known, & imagined, in his brilliant creative writings. David M. has written many poetic raps in his creative writing, demonstrating the voices of various characters, that are terrific, and likely David D. would probably like it, if he put aside "his tv," and went to read them on or and checked it out. David D., remember that what you misread, & took offense to, was "creative" writing, not literal. If you had just noticed the "if" in David's essay, you might have spared yourself of your embarrassing knee jerk silly reaction, since your little rap music was never attacked in the first place.

Posted by Andrewm on 12/31/2016 at 4:04 AM

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