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Re: “Charging Ahead

Bohemian, do your research before you praise SCP and believe their numbers.

Mr. Sypher’s Sonoma Clean Power isn’t as green as they say they are, very sad to say. And they are fighting tooth and nail against a transparency law that would expose them: AB 1110.

I work in the energy industry and a big supporter of CCAs since day one (not for putrid PG&E), but you don’t need to be an insider to see the truth.

PD article shaming SCP for lack of transparency on AB 1110:

PD article showing that Sonoma County isn't anywhere near meeting their targets, especially if SCP were to tell the truth:

Sierra Club and labor have both come out in strong support too.

Marin Clean Energy and LEAN Energy both dropped it their resistance, as their alliance with Shell’s sneaky accounting was finally going public. They’re preparing for the inevitable forced transparency, going greener than they currently are, as they want to retain customers.

BOTTOM LINE is that businesses and homes with low-carbon goals who thought Sonoma Clean Power was going to do all the work for them may be, unfortunately, mistaken.

Posted by rohnertpark1956 on 08/16/2015 at 11:54 PM

Re: “Cops on Film

The Barjas' case is set for trial next year. Very different facts are alleged. Plaintiffs allege that defendants' entry into their home was illegal even though their son was on probation. They don't explicitly state if that was their son's residence.

Posted by me on 08/16/2015 at 5:01 PM

Re: “Cops on Film

We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.

Abraham Lincoln

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Posted by bode t on 08/14/2015 at 7:23 PM

Re: “Cops on Film

Don McComas friend Greg was also, ironically, the victim of renegade police tactics. What are the odds that Don's co-worker would have an early morning "visit" from the Rohnert Park PD who cuffed him and searched his home?

Of interest also is the case naming Officer Rodriguez as a defendant which is set for trial in the US District Court. For - wait for it - violation of 4th Amendment Rights. Google Barajas v City of Rohnert Park, David Rodriguez, et al.

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Posted by Albisua on 08/14/2015 at 9:03 AM

Re: “Mist Opportunity

What an awesome topic, and such useful information as well! Kudos to Ellen Shehadeh and the Bohemian!
Lyons Filmer

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Posted by Lyons on 08/12/2015 at 3:26 PM

Re: “Homewrecker

Don't you think the abundant availability of willing buyers of "distressed" homes (corporate or otherwise) helps the poor mortgagee that has to dispose of the home/debt? And yes corporate buyers are in to make a profit, oh the horror!

"...renters of single-family homes from the three biggest corportate landlords in the state ... pay higher rents than their neighbors and face challenges getting repairs." - Thats the best indictment you could come up with for all your vilification?


Posted by Carl Anderson on 08/04/2015 at 10:30 AM

Re: “Mist Opportunity

I have been describing WarkaWater to people for the last months wishing I could find camaraderie. Thank you for this article! I have a farm in the Central Valley of California and was wondering what sort of mesh-fabric would work. Thanks for your input. Can Richard Kirschman please contact me? Or if any others such as Chris Fogliatti, Todd Dawson, Brock Dolman would like to experiment with keeping some almond trees alive. I've thought about using trees as frames. Or a high tower in an open area. Will need water for trees and family on the farm. I feel Fog Catching and making water our of thin air is the way to go for much of California.

5 likes, 0 dislikes
Posted by Merna on 07/22/2015 at 7:41 PM

Re: “Debriefer: July 22, 2015

Love it! Very insightful! ;)

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Posted by Michelle Lee Ivanich on 07/22/2015 at 12:22 PM

Re: “Dying Behind Bars

That is terrifying. I can not believe that our jails are being contracted out to FOR PROFIT MEDICAL SERVICES! This is an abomination to humankind and is morally corrupt! For profit medical must me STOPPED!

Mother Theresa would be ASHAMED OF YOU!

0 likes, 1 dislike
Posted by Crystal Alexander on 07/11/2015 at 11:06 PM

Re: “Dying Behind Bars

That is terrifying. I can not believe that our jails are being contracted out to FOR PROFIT MEDICAL SERVICES! This is sn abomniation to humankind and is morally corrupt! For profit medical must me STOPPED!

Mother Theresa would be ASHAMED OF YOU!

0 likes, 1 dislike
Posted by Crystal Alexander on 07/11/2015 at 11:05 PM

Re: “On the Right Trail

This is something our local public agencies should be pursuing, not leaving it all up to non-profits. Sonoma is a very conservative region, conservatives hate ped/bike infrastructure "multi-modal" transit is the planning term. Of course the "pro-business" Chamber of Commerce Republicans see walkable communities as a threat to their auto-centric, sprawl type philosophy. Their type of thinking, in which everything needs to be about profit, is what has plagued land-use policies in California for decades.

3 likes, 0 dislikes
Posted by Pet65 on 07/10/2015 at 7:47 PM

Re: “Homewrecker

This is disgusting. We need to remember, the housing crash was a result of unscrupulous business practices by people like Blum and greedy bankers; not the other way around.

3 likes, 0 dislikes
Posted by Pet65 on 07/10/2015 at 7:29 PM

Re: “Homewrecker

California is a community property state. Feinstein owns exactly fifty percent of every dollar of Blum's many assets, including his lucrative deals with Saudi Arabian state terrorists. What a racket!

4 likes, 0 dislikes
Posted by Peter Byrne on 07/09/2015 at 7:13 PM

Re: “Durst's DUI


1 like, 0 dislikes
Posted by DOODLE on 06/18/2015 at 5:19 AM

Re: “Into the Weeds

Legalization needs to address the following:

1. Reasonable possession limits.

2. Legalized free transfers from one person to another (gifting).

3. The inalienable right to grow a certain number of plants without interference or regulations from local jurisdictions (Counties and Cities cannot ban or restrict a property owner's or renter's right to grow a certain number of plants for personal use).

4. Workplace safeguards covering both employer and employee (you can be fired for showing up for work under the influence, but you cannot be fired on Monday for smoking a joint Saturday night).

5. Medically reasonable DUI testing that do NOT test for metabolites, but rather for THC levels in the blood (as of today blood tests for THC levels are the only accurate measure - but this will change).

6. A ceiling on taxes (both state and local) so that state and local authorities cannot impose taxes that effectively create or further enrich the black market.

7. Medical cannabis should be sold tax-free to those who possess a physician recommendation.

8. State and local authorities cannot impose rules for dispensaries that are more prohibitive than those in place for the sale of alcohol. Zoning ordinances for cannabis sales should parallel those for alcohol sales.

9. The rules governing the consumption of cannabis cannot be more restrictive than the rules governing the consumption of alcohol. If it is legal to consume alcohol at a certain place/time then it shall be concurrently legal to consume cannabis at the same place/time.

10. A provision that requires law enforcement to compensate those who have had cannabis confiscated but who have NOT been convicted of a cannabis-related crime as a result of that confiscation. Translation: If the cops take your cannabis but that confiscation does not result in a conviction - you get compensated (in cash) full-value street price for the cannabis.

These provisions should exist in any state initiative for 2016.

5 likes, 0 dislikes
Posted by Libertarian Society on 06/17/2015 at 6:26 AM

Re: “Blubber Trouble

I love how there's people that have the heart to save these beautiful animals of the sea. May god Bless all of you!

1 like, 0 dislikes
Posted by Yubicela Moreno on 06/15/2015 at 11:57 AM

Re: “Whale Mystery

The dead seals and whales this year seem unprecedented and I would love to see an in-depth article researching what the effects of the radiation from Japan are having on the Pacific Ocean...What’s the worst case scenario? That the mass die-off of sealife off the West Coast of North America – which may have started only a couple of months after the Fukushima melt-down – is being caused by radiation from Fukushima. "A professor from Japan’s Fukushima University Institute of Environmental Radioactivity (Michio Aoyama) said that the West Coast of North America will be hit with around 800 terabecquerels of Cesium- 137 by 2016. This is 80% of the cesium-137 deposited in Japan by Fukushima." Scary stuff....

1 like, 1 dislike
Posted by Daisy on 06/10/2015 at 1:32 PM

Re: “Year of the Rat

You're right. The headline seems to be 180-degrees opposite from the intent of the article. Shouldn't it be "In purportedly progressive Sonoma County, why are so few construction projects union?"

Posted by Rob Weinstein 1 on 05/21/2015 at 4:01 PM

Re: “BottleRock 411

so where is the link to win BottleRock Tix as promoted on the cover of this issue?

Posted by Tim Hayes on 05/21/2015 at 12:47 PM

Re: “Debriefer: May 20, 2015

Let's look at that one more time...

It remains to be seen what becomes of the Napa tank, but Public Enemy might want to drop "Fight the Power" from the set-list during their scheduled BottleRock appearance next weekend.

The way Debriefer sees it, police are feeling a little sensitive around that kind of talk lately, especially when it's coming from militant African Americans . . . So keep your head down, Chuck D!

2 likes, 2 dislikes
Posted by Joseph Tucker on 05/20/2015 at 9:40 PM

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