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Re: “Rethinking Cosby

Marsha Singer, it's predictable but still sad to see such nasty comments here in response to your essay. Greg starts out with an ad hominem (ad feminem?) attack. (Greg, Marcia's essay was not "mind numbing". Your mind was numb long before you read it.) Suzanne Smith's manifestly black-and-white thinking leads her to attack you for presenting a nuanced view. LAD's accusing you of defending rape shows how thoroughly her/his emotional response has distorted his/her understanding of what you really said.

While I disagree with your condemning and shaming of "condemning and shaming" (and encourage you to examine the irony of that), I otherwise appreciate your nuanced view, and I appreciate even more your willingness to state it publicly, knowing that you'd be attacked for it. As a frequently outspoken independent thinker (and recent Open Mic writer) myself, I can empathize!

Posted by Dixon Wragg on 08/27/2015 at 1:41 PM

Re: “Debriefer: April 1, 2015

We Provide Help Financial Assistance
Our business goal is to help people facing a financial crisis get out from under the weight of the stress. Our lenders can help with loans from just one hundred dollars to $5,000. That high of loan is not going to be available for everyone, but if you are able to meet each of the requirements, we will help get you the money you are looking for. We don’t mind if your credit rating is excellent, poor, or somewhere in the middle—we are here to help. The lenders that we would match you up with have more requirements than just a credit score. They consider all aspects of your application. What most lenders look at most is how long you’ve been working at your current job, how long you have been living at your current home, and if you have a valid checking account for them to deposit your loan into. Bad credit shouldn’t stop you from applying, because our lenders understand you are here because you need money today. Contact us today via email; for more information about our loan programming and regulation.
Mr Patrick Munro(MD)

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Posted by Patrick Munro on 08/27/2015 at 7:32 AM

Re: “Good People

Hi there, this show runs from September 4th-19th…

Posted by Wells Fargo Center for the Arts on 08/26/2015 at 11:16 AM

Re: “Drive-Throughs Be Gone

here's something with low cholesterol you can order at in-n-out and get full for $2. order a grilled cheese sandwich and ask for double tomato,double lettuce,double pickle,double onion. it's like getting a salad for free and most of the meal is might have to mention the "secret menu", to get it.

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Posted by Mahatma Jeeves on 08/23/2015 at 12:17 PM

Re: “We need news writers; RIP George Houser; and more

The New Haven Advocate was very good then. I always looked forward to the Fishing Report. Sometimes he did write about fishing, and that was great. Tune in!

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Posted by New Haven on 08/20/2015 at 6:43 PM

Re: “Rethinking Cosby

I re-read your article and do want to take issue with one line. While I may have attempted to please and appease Cosby with his demands that I lose weight (in order to appear on camera as tv and film do add pounds to one's frame) and take the acting lessons he prescribed for the audition that never came, I never set out to seduce him or steal power from him for myself.

Posted by Patricia Steuer on 08/20/2015 at 3:21 PM

Re: “Golden State Wolf

Wolves are back in California.…

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Posted by Stett Holbrook on 08/20/2015 at 3:19 PM

Re: “Rethinking Cosby

I am one of four women who live in the Bay Area and Sonoma County who have come forward with stories of our experiences of being assaulted and in some cases, drugged by Bill Cosby. I came forward in 2005 in support of Andrea Constand as a Jane Doe, willing to testify on her behalf. I agree with Ms. Singer that this is a cultural problem. I have been open about my part in what happened to me. And it happened at a time in my life (age 22) when I was looking for "love" - really approval - in all the wrong places. So that part of her article resonated with me. Still, what he did was wrong, a violation and without my consent.

I am embarrassed to admit that I only recently learned that the Equal Rights Amendment which was passed in 1972, was never ratified and is therefore NOT a part of our Constitution. If women in our culture do not have equal rights and protections, how can we effect change in the stranglehold the patriarchy has on our patterns of behavior? In my lifetime I never expected to see marriage equality. If marriage equality is the law of our land, why isn't there a law granting women equal rights, equal protections and equal pay? Many of us have been working diligently on a state by state basis to extend or abolish the statute of limitations on the reporting of adult sexual assault. But I doubt that these changes will have a lasting impact unless our new, changed, cultural 'normal' includes that all men AND WOMEN were created equal.

Posted by Patricia Steuer on 08/20/2015 at 8:11 AM

Re: “Taking It to the Streets

Just for the record it is not hard to evict a person on section 8 ... They are simply being given 60 or 90 orders to move and because thy are no fault ... The person on section 8 has no way of fighting them ... And this has become the trend in Santa Rosa and Sonoma County ... Property owners are displacing people on section 8 at a alarming rate .... So units can be modified and rents increased beyond what HUD permits .... I know cause it is happing where I live .... Over the last year my complex has gone from around 20+ HUD to just 2 of us left .... The third got a 90 noticed last month ...This is now the norm both City and County HUD offices state " There are no availabilities of any HUD units " but yet they continue to give out housing certificates no one is able to use and after 90 days they lose they're ability to use and lose teyre HUD adding to he problem ....

Posted by Mikeal ( OZZY) O'Toole on 08/20/2015 at 7:43 AM

Re: “The Anchor-Outs

The Boise court case mentioned above is back in court again. Here's a link to the story.

Posted by armido on 08/19/2015 at 4:35 PM

Re: “The Anchor-Outs

Anchor outs should know the RBRA recommended to the Sausalito City Council on May 19, 2015 an anchorage plan that excludes long-term anchoring as an option. Although an "anchorage" is not addressed specifically in the RBRA documentation, this comment is worth noting: "...all vessels in the anchorage will be either short-term visitors or required to be on a ball." We'll see... Presently the recommended plan is for a mooring field only. How many moorings will be in the field has not been revealed. The cost however for "...the program to develop a mooring field and bring it online in a three-year period is estimated to cost approximately $650,000. Of that total, RBRA staff is hopeful that the approximately $150,000 expense of installing the mooring field could be defrayed with grant funding...."

What will happen to live aboard "anchor outs" who's boat cannot satisfy "seaworthy requirements" and, or cannot afford mooring fees? I recommend those of you in this category familiarize yourself with the recent Boise, Idaho court decision that renders unconstitutional bans on the homeless sleeping in public places. It's an 8th Amendment to the Constitution thing... Authorities can only prevent you from sleeping in a public place (or on a public waterway?) if they provide an alternate location. And, a jail does not qualify.

I read somewhere, but can't relocate the comment at the moment, that an allowance for existing liveaboards be made in the plan. Clearly though, the ultimate goal is to have none. So, $650,000 will be spent to build what will eventually amount to another "parking place" for boats.

I wonder how Sausalito's marina owners and operators are going to feel about that? I also wonder once the mooring field opens how many boats presently in marinas are going to move onto a mooring?

We'll see...

Posted by armido on 08/19/2015 at 4:23 PM

Re: “It's the Future! or

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Posted by Jeffrey Weissman on 08/19/2015 at 1:34 PM

Re: “Golden State Wolf

Thank you for correcting the above mentioned error in the article.

Clemens Schenk
Producer - Director (OR7 - THE JOURNEY)

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Posted by CS on 08/19/2015 at 10:04 AM
Posted by Ivy Rose Hunter on 08/19/2015 at 8:45 AM

Re: “Golden State Wolf

Here is the ticket link for the documentary OR7 - THE JOURNEY.

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Posted by CS on 08/19/2015 at 8:12 AM

Re: “Golden State Wolf

CORRECTION: The stand-in wolf NIWA is NOT from "Wolf Haven International" in Washington as quoted in this article, but from "Wolf People of Cocolalla" in Idaho.

Clemens Schenk
Producer - Director (OR7 - THE JOURNEY)

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Posted by CS on 08/19/2015 at 7:40 AM

Re: “Hidden Agenda

From the article, a "Santa Rosa Based Post Carbon Institute" is mentioned. California Secretary of State ( says actually, it's "METAFOUNDATION doing business in california as Post Carbon Institute" and its jurisdiction (versus mailing address) is actually Oregon. Formed in 2006, like what I guess at the time of this article was "Post Sustainability Institute" but on formation was (per the same source) and as late as 2009, was called "Concerned Citizens of Santa Rosa Against Redevelopment Law Abuse" (EIN#, searchable, 68-0637955). This group has very little funding showing.

The following public info will display as a chart if searched on the above website:

Entity Number: C2929676
Date Filed: 09/25/2006
Status: ACTIVE
Jurisdiction: OREGON
Entity Address: 613 4TH ST. #208
Entity City, State, Zip: SANTA ROSA CA 95404
Agent for Service of Process: ASHER MILLER
Agent Address: 613 4TH ST. #208
Agent City, State, Zip: SANTA ROSA CA 95404

"Post Carbon Institute" a dba as it says above, is EIN# 651208462, has more funding than Post Sustainability ever did, but is also delinquent as a charity and hasn't sent in a tax return with their required annual "RRF" (to California Office of Attorney General, which regulates charities) since 2011.

The Edward Charles Foundation I mentioned above (fiscal agent for Freedom Advocates of Aptos, which is FTB Suspended and never registered as a Charity) is located in Beverly Hills.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Entity Number: C3191148
Date Filed: 03/05/2009
Status: ACTIVE
Jurisdiction: DELAWARE
Entity Address: 269 S BEVERLY DRIVE STE 338
Entity City, State, Zip: BEVERLY HILLS CA 90212
Agent for Service of Process: KENT E SETON
Agent Address: 269 S BEVERLY DRIVE STE 338
Agent City, State, Zip: BEVERLY HILLS CA 90212

Posted by Let's Get Honest 2015 on 08/18/2015 at 8:55 PM

Re: “Hidden Agenda

I just wanted to make a (belated) note that while I'm very well aware of regionalization, centralization and coordination of public/private partnership from a different direction, I question whether suing ABAG and the MTC is going to get far. I also question why the group suing alongside Koire & Tokerud, "Freedom Advocates" never registered as a charity in California, has had its corporate status suspended ( Post Sustainability Institute is only "Delinquent" -- they formed in 2006, filed as a charity ca. 2008 and after that went "down" for 2008,09,10, 11 (financially) and again filed in 2012. I can understand being broke, but I do not understanding refusing to send in a few pieces of paper and a small fee to the state in compliance with its codes.

SIMILARLY, Freedom Advocates is using "Edward Charles Foundation" (formed ca. 2009?) as their fiscal agent. I question why an anti-Globalization, Agenda 21 organization (As Freedom Advocates would seem to be) would choose -- out of ALL groups to be their fiscal agent, a philanthropy which is nothing but. As you can tell, I read tax returns and corporate registrations. It doesn't take long looking at the ECF and its hankering for entertainment stars (Forest Whitaker) and other wealth (such as Anthony Melikhov, whose Form 990PF (Private foundation) "Bright Future International" out of Libertyville, IL is a place to put some of the wealth from pharmaceutical corporation SAGAMEL, Inc. (still in operation, but parts sold off to Bayer, helping the German Bayer get into Russia and other places for the OTC sales), is about as UN as it gets. Melikhov is also on the board of The Lourdes Foundation (or so the website says), also a recent group, alongside an oil heiress from a very troubled, though rich, oil family (Aileen Getty) and persuasive, "let's be positive" Peter Diamandis (If I read the corp. paper right). .....The Lourdes wealth (3rd generation) is from a publishing empire.

I've lived in the SF Bay Area since 1988, quickly becoming after marriage and childbirth, a battered wife. It took many years to get free, after which I had to face the family court gauntlet. On seeing my children (raised 14 years) stolen overnight, without cause, without remedy, and destroying a livelihood at the time, as well as ripping one's guts out for the shock itself, and on discovering the federalization of the (created entity), "Family courts" I started ignoring the (mis-leading) advocacy groups (in that category), who refused to follow through on this, and have been "following the money" which is to say, following the federal (Particularly HHS, which handles welfare and social services), and blogging it, too (Http:// while fighting to stay above water, and if possible regain sight of my own flesh and blood. I have been recruited, it seems, a little too often for my own comfort, by right-wing groups, but I cannot deal with people who prefer narratives and slogans, to getting a personal education on the ECONOMIC and GOVERNMENT ENTITY (in combo with Philanthropic Wealth -- i.e., "Private," so-called). It's the tax system itself (add in there religious-exemption from taxation for accumulation of assets and political clout) which set this up. Anyhow, a comment doesn't communicate this well, but I can lay it out and will be connecting soon, I hope, to some local groups I know are protesting PLan Bay Area. However I have a problem when they themselves refuse to stay properly incorporated. Both left and right know how to play shell games with funding, and dodge transparency, so it's up to those inbetween (and off their behinds) to develop a way to tell one from the other. It's also fascinating and a good history lesson. I've seen this in other states, and others before us saw it coming They didn't call it all "Agenda 21," but it was reported.

I have personally been under constant economic duress from family members for over 15 years post-separation from DV, in this area. My kids, after being stolen, were abandoned by their father; it was really nasty. One family member is a lawyer. My mother's obituary was re-written to imply I was still happily married, and all grand-daughters' last names were omitted (no grandsons) to conceal that two of them shared a last name with me. To date, 5 years after her death and cremation, no one will tell me if or where my mother (a widow of many years, but married when my father died) is or is not interred, or her ashes scattered. It has taken a few years in probate to get my older (childless) sister OFF a probate trust treating me like a child, which she had no business being on This was done while holding me on food stamps despite the existence of an inheritance, and dangling it as "bait" for whichever professional (legal or otherwise) might with to take a chunk out of it. Currently after about six months with new "trustees' (NOT "Conservators"), we have identified a pattern of lying and violation of professional ethics. On finally just telling them to "stop," I find the assets have been moved -- I've not been informed where -- probably because the initial place being at a sound, and reliable institution, helped me fact-check claims about what was or wasn't sent. They are controlling my housing, something I became aware of from years ago -- people who wish to control a population can do well by starting with control of the housing (See HUD) and from the threat of homelessness at any point hammer away through one institution or another, at what's left, or was left, of income-producing activities.

I never thought to see this in this country, but no denying it's here.

I saw my own mother ware-housed and medicated, and now am old enough to have serious concern about when, or in what manner, this may be applied to myself (although I'm the youngest of the siblings). In years of handling this (sociopath) environment, one also learns to pay attention to language of control, limitation and censorship of conversation, force-feeding, encouraging people who to hate, who to blame (and all that). I have one statement: If the group is a nonprofit, locate and read the tax return and corporate filings. Pay attention to what moves where, and just do a little lookup. As to the Governmental money, after 3 years of tracking grants and grantees (and realizing there were so many dead ends and dropped trails that most didn't know seriously how the faucet was turned on "high" through HHS, and it was sensed, correctly, that the public wasn't paying attention) I ran across the concept of "CAFR" (Walter Burien,, and it's laid out (the man who laid it out died in 2004 and was a federal auditor). Once key concepts are understood, and it's realized that federal taxation is less than necessary at this point, but is maintained through constant talk of "budget" and conditioning people not to read the financial statements of the various entities.... in any given situation, it's easier to sort the labels and see the larger picture.

By the way, I go as Let's Get Honest and am the third daughter of William G. Pfann. People in the semiconductor industry who may have heard of Bell Labs, William Shockley (he worked under), transistors (he designed one of the earlier ones) zone refining (his process and a book describing it) and in short understand how Silicon Valley got its startup, will run across this name. His name is on 65 patents (not owned, but the name is on them), National Academy of Sciences, sent three daughters through college (one artist, one attorney, I'm the musician), and a few more things. My mother, having and raising children made this possible. He died shortly after retirement (within a week of retirement). Meanwhile, a continent away and within two decades of the 1970s, women of spunk and intelligence who also are mothers, and simply said "No!" to assault and battery and other forms of in-home violence, have been, being treated as simply unnecessary to the futures of our own kids, under "marriage/fatherhood/family values" programming. The DV industry (SF has some significant players in Futures without Violence, the State of Minnesota has others) basically maintained a professional silence, when writing about this violence, as to the federal incentives to it. Our children are being grabbed overnight, and essentially sold on the social service marketplace, which all taxpayers support. EVERYONE is involved in this situation some way or another.

In case this is actually posted (well after publication date) I apologize for the length, adding personal information, and format. It's been a very long haul, and at times I lose the concept that a different future is possible. I have several blogs in various states of development ; but and will lay out some critical matters. Take care, and teach your neighbor to FIRST, identify a group's Secretary of State registration, status as a nonprofit (in California, more information is available than most on groups that register) and "grow a pair" when it comes to looking these basics up. A lot of insight is available, for free (except the time) on the tax returns. I use (also a SF group).

Posted by Let's Get Honest 2015 on 08/18/2015 at 8:29 PM

Re: “Getting Saucy

Laura Hamburg, I am just seeing what you wrote after stumbling upon this review, and it is funny. I think you missed the point of those who say the positive talk about this pizza joint is inflated by the ruling owner and her minions. You are one of those minions, a personal friend with this pizza joint's owner for more than a decade. Even your words here are complete padding, not an honest customer review at all, just more ego petting, more small town smoke and mirrors. Congratulations.

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Posted by Mo on 08/18/2015 at 8:56 AM

Re: “For a Few Dollars More

What you are missing:

1) IHSS was designed for a friend or family member to care for a loved one without going completely broke. There is no "career path."

2) Just because someone is fortunate enough to make $11.65 instead of $9 doesn't mean they shouldn't pursue a better job or a real career with opportunities. Of course, some workers would have to finish high school, or learn better language skills, or take other self-motivated actions to increase their attractiveness to the general workforce.

IHSS should NOT become a highly paid dead-end job. It should be a stepping stone or a job a loved one can choose to do for their client.

3) Lastly, local government threw us under the bus with their unsustainable pension benefit increases in 1997 & 2002. There's no freakin' money for this. Plus they tried to take it out on their own contractors and non-profits last month. Notice how well THAT went over. They pulled the proposed ordinance back after hearing from the aforementioned groups of employers. The County needs to take agressive, creative action to reduce our pension obligations. Maybe there will be money then.

So, opposed to $15 in principal. On board with police reform. Guess that makes me... "Independent?" Should gave kept your old name, lol...

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Posted by Keith Rhinehart on 08/18/2015 at 8:42 AM

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