Tuesday, July 27, 2010

July 31: Lunatic Binge at Hopmonk Tavern

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Masters of schtick Baby Seal Club go cr-cr-crazy at this weekend to raise funds for their upcoming CD, and all stops shall be psychotically pulled. Lunatic Binge includes a complete redecorating of the Hopmonk Tavern as a mental ward called Shady Lobe, with costumed and bedpan-clutching inmates roving the grounds, and a lineup that includes Brothers Horse, Earstu, Deluxe Buckets and others. The flyer requests “No Sharp Objects,” and inmates who check in at reception wearing a bathrobe, straitjacket or pajamas get a deal on admission fees on Saturday, July 31, at Hopmonk Tavern. 230 Petaluma Ave., Sebastopol. 8:30pm. $10 in costume; $15 without. 707.829.7300.
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July 29: Monte Rio Variety Show at the Monte Rio Amphitheatre

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In our own little version of WikiLeaks, it’s been brought to our attention that a certain chart-topping 1970s band is performing inside the Bohemian Grove’s annual white-guy orgy this week. Will they show up as special guests at the open-to-the-nonmillionaire-public Monte Rio Variety Show? Hey, 19 annual variety shows would be a feat, but this one reels in the years as the 99th annual event, where everyone from Merv Griffin to Steve Miller have gotten back and done it again as surprise guests. Our pal Katy told us Bono might be there this year, but she lied—it’s someone just a peg down on the “famous” scale. We promised not to say who! All proceeds go to local charities if you take your chances on Thursday, July 29, at the Monte Rio Amphitheatre. Main Street, Monte Rio. 7pm. $20–$25. 707.865.2234.
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Across the Bridge: July 28-August 4

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Smoky UK trio revisit the formative years of trip-hop.

Jun 28 at the Fillmore.Pocahaunted

Weird, druggy outsider psyche-funk played by girls in multicolored capes.

Jul 28 at the Rickshaw Stop.John Pizzarelli

Bucky’s son plays jazz guitar tribute to the great Duke Ellington.

Jul 30-Aug 1 at Yoshi’s Oakland.Black Star

1-2-3, Mos Def and Talib Kweli got it rockin’ on to the tip-top.

Jul 31 at the Fox Theater.The Watson Twins

Former Jenny Lewis collaborators explore their R&B side.

Aug 3 at Cafe du Nord.Matisyahu

The only Hasidic rapper to ever . . . well, the only Hasidic rapper, period.

Aug 3 at the Regency Ballroom.More San Francisco events at www.sfstation.com.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

July 25: Really Really Free Market Napa at Veterans Park

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Based on the San Francisco Free Market every month in Dolores Park and the wonderfully named East Bay Hella Free Day at Lake Merritt, Napa’s very own Really Really Free Market Napa follows the same very basic rules: (1) bring stuff to give away; (2) take stuff for free; (3) meet people in your city, listen to music, enjoy life and don’t spend a dime doing so. Everyone wins! This concept would surely horrify columnist Terry Savage, who recently penned the much-Tweeted socialism fear-fest in the Sun-Times about young girls ruining America by giving away lemonade for free—which is great because he needs to be horrified! (And fired.) Founded by Melody Harris, who writes a much better column in the form of her zine Napkin News, the Really Really Free Market is an idea whose time is timeless. Bring all your cool stuff you don’t want to bother to sell on Craigslist and take some new stuff home on Sunday, July 25, at Veterans Park, Third and Main St., Napa. Noon. Free. napkinnews@gmail.com.
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July 25: David Herlihy's "The Lost Cyclist" at Book Passage

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After penning the acclaimed volume Bicycle: The History, noted cycling historian David Herlihy had nowhere to go but up. Or out. Or around—the world, as it turns out. A cross between Erik Larson’s The Devil in the White City and Richard Branson’s current around-the-globe exploits, Herlihy’s latest bestseller, ‘The Lost Cyclist, tells the story of Frank Lenz, a determined man who in 1892 set out to be the first cyclist to bike around the world. Using Lenz’s written correspondence as well as news accounts of the day, Herlihy doesn’t just tell the story of Lenz’s mysterious disappearance, he also paints a vivid picture of the era’s cycling pioneers who geeked out on the new “safety bicycle” and all of its attendant, mostly regional gadgetry back in the formative years of the sport. Herlihy appears in discussion and signing on Sunday, July 25, at Book Passage. 51 Tamal Vista Blvd., Corte Madera. 7pm. Free. 415.927.0960.
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July 25: Ghosts of the Phoenix Theater at the Phoenix Theater

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We’ve all heard the rumors, repeated over and over again, that Petaluma’s Phoenix Theater is haunted by ghosts. The stories about a “strange presence” in the balcony and wispy apparitions floating around the ceiling are as old as the theater itself. Are they true? Ghosts of the Phoenix Theater, an all-day workshop, aims to find out. Led by Amy Bruni and Britt Griffith from the SyFy Channel’s hit series Ghost Hunters and abetted by Mark and Debby Costantino of Ghost Adventures, the workshop includes lectures during the day and an honest-to-goodness paranormal investigation of the building at night. Bruni grew up at the Phoenix with first-hand experiences at her old haunt, and even theater manager Tom Gaffey makes casual allusion to the theater’s ghosts. Do they exist? See for yourself during the definitive examination on Sunday, July 25, at the Phoenix Theater. 201 E. Washington St., Petaluma. 11am–1:30am. $129. 707.762.3565.
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July 24: "Thieves' Highway" at the Sonoma County Museum

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Everyone knows about The Birds and Shadow of a Doubt. The lucky ones know about Smile. But too few people know about one of the greatest films ever shot in Sonoma County, ‘Thieves’ Highway. Opening in a Sebastopol apple orchard, the 1949 film essentially follows a fruit truck on its travels down to a San Francisco fruit market. Sounds drab? It’s anything but. With a loaded underworld plot about the cutthroat fruit-distribution business and featuring the absolute, most incredible tire-changing scene in the history of cinema, Thieves’ Highway is suspenseful, intriguing and beautifully shot by blacklisted director Jules Dassin (Rififi, The Naked City). With a brilliant performance by Lee J. Cobb and a crisp new transfer from the Criterion collection, Thieves’ Highway is an afternoon must-see on Saturday, July 24, at the Sonoma County Museum, 425 Seventh St., Santa Rosa. 2pm. $2–$5. 707.579.1500.

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July 24: Rivertown Revival at Steamer Landing Park

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What do we do when the economy is bad? Historically, we dress up, put on a brave face and pretend that everything’s glamorous (see: art deco, The Great Gatsby, swing dancing). These days, we’re more likely to dress down and rehash the roles of our Depression-addled ancestors while accepting the fact that everything is ruined. But we have fun doing it! Enter the Rivertown Revival, a let’s-pretend-we’re-broke event celebrating Petaluma’s heritage with art-boat races, floating river sculptures, food, music and more. It might seem like the Handcar Regatta on water, but event organizers promise it’ll be “less steampunk, more Tom Sawyer.” Music, of course, is in great supply, with Arann Harris and the Greenstring Farm Band, El Radio Fantastique, Baby Seal Club, Old Jawbone, Hillside Fire, Eli Jebidiah, the Crux and more on Saturday, July 24, at Steamer Landing Park, Petaluma. 11:30am–6pm. Free. 707.763.775.
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July 30: Michael McDonald at the Wells Fargo Center

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He’s got such a smooth, distinctive voice, and yet after the glory era of “What a Fool Believes” and “I Keep Forgettin’,” Michael McDonald’s ride on the charts veered off-track—for 20 years. Finally, a series of albums mining the Motown Records catalogue brought the blue-eyed soul singer back to prominence in the aughts, and guest spots on South Park and Family Guy showcased a sense of humor in the former Doobie Brother. Last year, he bestowed upon the world his version of “While You Wait for the Others” by Brooklyn indie band Grizzly Bear, and he glides into town in all his white-haired, husky-throated glory on Friday, July 30, at the Wells Fargo Center. 50 Mark West Springs Road, Santa Rosa. 8pm. $20–$90. 707.546.3600.
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July 30: 51.50 at 19 Broadway Niteclub

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At Amoeba Music, there’s a new section called “Bay Area Hip-Hop,” with nearly 20-year-old albums from Totally Insane, the Click and RBL Posse. Something is in the air with Bay Area hip-hop, and it’s got one foot planted in the past. Last month’s Mob Figaz reunion show was completely sold out at the Phoenix Theater, and this week, the unlikely reunion of Marin County’s 51.50 brings back that classic Bay sound with “Games People Play,” “Green and White” and “Illegally Insane.” Mixing chill electro-funk with casual, reality-based rhymes, the group carved out a cult following worthy of their Twin Peaks samples before disbanding years ago. Relive the glory when they reunite on Friday, July 30, at 19 Broadway Niteclub. 19 Broadway, Fairfax. 9pm. $10. 415.459.1091.
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