Wednesday, July 18, 2012

July 21: Far West Fest at Love Field

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Three stages featuring a diverse line-up—including Les Nubians, Orgone, Vinyl, MC Radioactive, Marshall Payne, and many more—vendors selling local and organic offerings, family-friendly activities and all proceeds donated to community non-profits—how much better can it get? Voted the Best Music Festival in Marin County by Bohemian readers, the annual Far West Fest is a green, zero waste event—so don’t forget to bring your own cup or water bottle for discounts at the beer booth, and ride your bike or take public transportation to get there and receive free cookies and beer! It’s “good times for the greater good” on Saturday, July 21, at Love Field. 11191 Sir Francis Drake Blvd., Point Reyes Station. $24; ages 10-7, $15; under 10, free. 10:30am—7:30pm. 415.663.8068.

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July 21: Cali Swag District and New Boyz at Phoenix Theater

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Did you forget how to Dougie? Have your joints rusted a bit since the last time you danced the Jerk? Well, let Cali Swag District and the New Boyz remind you that 2009 was actually kind of a long time ago when they come to Petaluma this week. That’s fine with them, though; shedding one-hit wonder status would be a relief. “Hopefully, [fans] can transition from the Dougie thing to our real music; like, we really have songs,” said Cali Swag District’s C-Smoove recently, with a hint of irritation. It’s the new style when they take the stage with Clyde Carson, New Boyz, LoveRance, and the Finnaticz on Saturday, July 21, at the Phoenix Theater. 201 Washington St., Petaluma. $25. 8pm. 707.764.3565.

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July 21: Rootstock Festival at Vintners' Square

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Come back to the roots of Sonoma County’s Wine Country at the annual Rootstock Festival this weekend, featuring fine wine, craft brew tastings and gourmet street food, as well as a “Best Bites Competition.” Taking the music stage is Jim Bianco, Holly Conlan, Jesse Thomas, and Javier Dunn. Vintners’ Square is already home to outstanding wineries, and with the opening of Heritage Public House, craft brew makes a splash appearance. Yet another grand gastronomical glug-fest galore goes off on Saturday, July 21, at Vintners’ Square. 1301 Cleveland Ave., Santa Rosa. $45, a portion of proceeds benefit the SRJC Shone Farm Foundation. 2pm-6pm. 707.495.0831.

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July 21: Rivertown Revival at David Yearsley River Heritage Center

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There is barely anything to not do at the Rivertown Revival! Who can turn down a festival complete with over 100 musicians, an art boat flotilla, boat drag races, aerial acts over the water, local food merchants and numerous theatrical performances? This very green party—a reported 98-percent waste diversion rate last year—is all-ages and for everyone old enough to breathe, “saving souls” for a bargain entrance fee that benefits Friends of the Petaluma River. And look no further, fiancés and fiancées—you can have a $5 wedding in the garden with thousands of your newest and oldest friends! Come to “the greatest slough on Earth” on Saturday, July 21, at the David Yearsley River Heritage Center. Copeland and D Streets, Petaluma. $5. 11am-7pm. 707.548.2937.

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July 20: Charlie Musselwhite at Napa Valley Opera House

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Sonoma County seems an odd place to find a blues legend. For the most part, it’s too chilly to sit on porches at night, it’s not very humid, and Memphis and New Orleans are a continent away. If I ever see him walking down the street, I’m going to ask harmonica master Charlie Musselwhite what it is about Geyserville that would lure a bred and buttered Mississippi bluesman out here for good. Was Tennessee too hot? Was the south side of Chicago too cold? At any rate, the inspiration for Blues Brothers’ Elwood and six-time Grammy nominee harps it up on Friday, July 20, at the Napa Valley Opera House. 1030 Main St., Napa. $20—$25. 8pm. 707.226.7372.

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July 20: Ernesto Olivares at SoCo Coffee

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SoCo Coffee hosts Santa Rosa Mayor Ernesto Olivares next week for a casual sit-down chat with the public, giving folks a chance to ask him what’s new. “Do you take cream and sugar, Mr. Mayor?” “What’s your sign, Mr. Mayor?” “Do you keep up with ‘Game of Thrones,’ Mr. Mayor?” “Mr. Mayor, wasn’t it a little harsh to demote the Design Review Board chair for asking Simon Malls to work towards more pedestrian access through the Santa Rosa Plaza while they redevelop?” “Yo, Mr. Mayor, you got good Measure O gang crime stats yet for the Mayor’s Gang Prevention Task Force?” Don’t burn your tongue, Mr. Mayor, on Friday, July 20, at SoCo Coffee. 1015 Fourth St., Santa Rosa. Free. 9am. 707.433.1660.

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July 19: Rumi's Caravan at Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary

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Water isn’t the only thing you’ll be soaking up—this week, Rumi’s Caravan stops at Osmosis to immerse attendees in a soft lit evening in the bamboo-lined zen garden, filling the sweet night of poetry with musical accompaniment. Words from the works of Jellaludin Rumi, Hafiz, William Blake, Mary Oliver and others follows a fresh and healthy vegan Middle Eastern meal provided by Ceres Community Project. After circling the koi pond of the Kyoto-inspired landscape, don’t forget to dip into the Cedar Enzyme Footbaths, a deeply relaxing heat treatment from Japan with therapeutic benefits. Nourish the body, mind, and soul on Thursday, July 19, at Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary. 209 Bohemian Hwy., Sebastopol. $60, proceeds benefit Ceres Community Project. 6pm-9pm. 707.823.8231.

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July 19: Dave Eggers at Book Passage

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Dave Eggers. Good writer guy. Writes in complete sentences. Author of some books. One’s a memoir. One’s a novel. Dude runs a tutoring center. Also a publisher! Seems nice. Gets good reviews, anyway. Likes telling jokes and literary characters that like jokes. Lives in the Bay. Does some graphic design; a bit ended up on album covers. Coming to Marin. To Corte Madera! Dave Eggers is gonna sign some books. His latest is “A Hologram for the King,” maybe he’ll sign it for you or something. Hang out with Dave Eggers, writer good writing guy, on Thursday, July 19, at Book Passage. 51 Tamal Vista Blvd., Corte Madera. Free. 12:00pm. 415.927.0960.

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Friday, July 13, 2012

July 14: The 24-Hour Band Contest!

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This thing is shaping up to be insane. We've got 30 musicians, all from varying backgrounds, who are going to be thrown into randomly assembled bands with other complete strangers. We're giving them 24 hours to write two songs and learn one cover song, and then they have to perform their set in front of a live audience. Which means you! The results could be disastrous, or they could be earth-shaking, but they definitely won't be boring. The whole thing is free, and it includes our 2012 North Bay Music Awards, an art show with Bohemian cover artists, food by Mark Malicki, a DJ set by Deezlee, beer and wine, and plenty more. Read more about it here, and be there on Saturday, July 14, at the Arlene Francis Center. 99 Sixth Street, Santa Rosa. 8pm. Free. 707.528.3009.

(Band silhouette image via Shutterstock.)

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

July 18: Willie Nelson at Uptown Theatre

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Hey, what kind of bus does Willie Nelson tour in? A canni-bus! Aaaw yeah! Yo, but what’s forty feet long with a dozen teeth? The front row at a Willie Nelson concert! Shazam! Wait, wait, wait—what do you call Willie Nelson when he lights up two doobies? Double jointed! Bwahaha guffaw guffaw! No no no, hold up, check it out: what’s the worst thing you could hear while sleeping with Willie Nelson? ‘I’m not Willie Nelson!’ Yuk yuk yuk yuk yuk. But seriously folks, the Red Headed Stranger takes the stage on Wednesday, July 18, at the Uptown Theatre. 1350 Third St., Napa. $95. 7pm. 707.259.0123.

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