Thursday, January 30, 2014

Feb. 3: Gavin Newsom at the Sebastiani Theatre

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At the time, it made a hell of a lot of sense. “The door’s wide open now,” said then—San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom regarding gay marriage, after he decided to award marriage licenses to same-sex couples in the city. “It’s going to happen, whether you like it or not.” And though Proposition 8 supporters used this quote to make Newsom out as an opponent of democracy, He with the Majestic Hair was entirely correct: marriage equality is inevitable in the United States. Newsom will go down in history for his brave act, of course; this week, he and wife Jennifer Siebel Newsom (filmmaker of Miss Representation) speak in a benefit for Sonoma Mentoring Alliance on Monday, Feb. 3, at the Sebastiani Theatre. 476 First St., Sonoma. 7pm. $15—$25. 707.996.2020.

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

March 16: Texas Hold 'Em at Laguna Environmental Center

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Who knew gambling, beer and a good poker face could benefit the environment? The Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation is holding the Texas Hold’em Poker Tournament, a fundraiser for the largest area for wildlife in Sonoma County. The foundation works to preserve, restore and enhance the Laguna de Santa Rosa, which is also a part of the cities of Windsor, Rohnert Park, Cotati, Sebastopol and Forestville. First prize is $2,000; admission includes $10,000 in chips, plus sandwich bar and free soft drinks. Go all in on Saturday, March 16, at the Laguna Environmental Center. 900 Sanford Road, Santa Rosa. 1—8pm. $125—$225. 707.527.9277.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sept 1: George Winston at Dance Palace

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If you’ve recently been sick of the overplayed pop music on the radio, then turning your ears south to Marin might be the choice for you. Classical and jazz pianist George Winston hits the eighty-eights for “Summer Show,” a concert benefiting the community and cultural center. This Grammy-award winner harmonizes with local chef Chuck Edwards, who serves farm-to-table dinners beforehand to fill the air with chords of both musical notes and savory flavors. Witness these masters of the keyboard and cutting board on Saturday, Sept. 1, at Dance Palace. 503 B St., Point Reyes Station. Dinner 6pm; concert 8pm. $18—$36; $100 for dinner. 415.663.1075.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

July 19: Rumi's Caravan at Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary

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Water isn’t the only thing you’ll be soaking up—this week, Rumi’s Caravan stops at Osmosis to immerse attendees in a soft lit evening in the bamboo-lined zen garden, filling the sweet night of poetry with musical accompaniment. Words from the works of Jellaludin Rumi, Hafiz, William Blake, Mary Oliver and others follows a fresh and healthy vegan Middle Eastern meal provided by Ceres Community Project. After circling the koi pond of the Kyoto-inspired landscape, don’t forget to dip into the Cedar Enzyme Footbaths, a deeply relaxing heat treatment from Japan with therapeutic benefits. Nourish the body, mind, and soul on Thursday, July 19, at Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary. 209 Bohemian Hwy., Sebastopol. $60, proceeds benefit Ceres Community Project. 6pm-9pm. 707.823.8231.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

June 19: Joan Baez at Cascade Canyon School

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The children of Cascade Canyon School receive a rare treat this weekend, as the star attraction performing at their Kidzstock fundraiser is none other than Joan Baez. Or perhaps it’s more a treat for the parents—do the kids know or care about Baez? On thing they do know is they’ll be playing to a packed crowd. The non-’60s-icon segment of the day’s lineup includes teen and preteen bands and singers, including Third Rock, the County Boys Marimba Band, After Class, Miss Modest and Vote for Pedro. If the carnival games, henna tattoos, food booths and raffle items aren’t sufficient to lure you into hours’ worth of singing children, be advised that Baez takes the stage at 4pm for an hour-long set on Saturday, June 19, at Cascade Canyon School. 2626 Sir Francis Drake Blvd., Fairfax. 10am–7pm. $10–$25. 415.339.8488.
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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Feb. 14: Zumba-Thon for Haiti at Monroe Hall

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You’ve got it all perfectly planned. The dinner reservation, the vase of roses, the handmade valentine, the box of chocolates. The stereo primed with some Teddy, some Luther, some Usher. There’s just one thing left, and that’s a good, hearty fitness warm-up for your Valentine’s night workout. That’s why, on Valentine’s Day morning, Monroe Hall hosts its Zumba-Thon for Haiti. Lovers, take note! Ramp up that cardio while helping those in need! Train for your evening’s mission(ary) by bouncing around to favela booty beats! Feel like a Brazilian person of unspecified gender on a Carnavale float while sending assistance down to those in need! With its resilient “sprung” wood floor and inception born from fundraising for the Red Cross in WW I, Monroe Hall is the perfect spot to spend two hours huffing and puffing to cumbia, merengue, salsa and more. Go home afterwards feeling like a million bucks, take a shower, splash on that Old Spice and you’re set on Sunday, Feb. 14, at Monroe Hall. 1400 W. College Ave., Santa Rosa. 10:30am–12:30pm. $15 donation. 707.570.0670.Gabe Meline
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Monday, November 2, 2009

Nov. 1: John Gaines benefit at Tradewinds

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There are bartenders and then there are bartenders. First settling behind the bar at the Tradewinds in Cotati in the 1970s, John Gaines falls into the latter, emphasized category. Gaines listened to tales of woe and poured stiff ones for three decades at the Tradewinds before running John’s Cafe at the Black Cat in Penngrove; he is, as they say, an institution. But even institutions can have health issues. Kidney and liver failure have left Gaines with sizable medical bills, and an all-day benefit featuring Volker Strifler, the Pulsators, Levi Lloyd, A Case of the Willys, Detroit Disciples, Hillside Fire, Joel Rudinow and more aims to raise money for the ailing comrade. “He was just a constant,” says the Tradewinds’ current bartender. “It wasn’t a Sunday morning with football without John.” Leave an extra tip on the bar on Sunday, Nov. 1, at the Tradewinds. 8210 Old Redwood Hwy., Cotati. Noon. $10. 707.795.7878.Gabe Meline
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Oct. 31: Team Guerrilla at the Lincoln Theater

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Since Napa has no real gay bar, a group of friends called Team Guerrilla bounce around the valley hosting what they call the Napa Guerrilla Gay Bar. The idea is simple: to descend on a local pub or bar and make it “gay for a day” with fabulous fashion sense and even more fabulous dancing. So far, the group has turned the disco out at watering holes as varied as Henry’s Cocktail Lounge, Jonesy’s at the Napa airport, Compadres Rio Grille, Bardessono, the Centre Cafe and Pancha’s in Yountville. It’s not just in good fun, either—the idea raises awareness of a gay community in Napa along with thousands of dollars for the Napa Valley AIDS Walk. Hosted by Kellie Green from the Vine 93.3-FM, the walk features sponsored teams in Halloween costumes, raffles, balloons, horse rides and DJ Rotten Robbie. Better yet, it supports HIV services at the Queen of the Valley hospital in Napa, and it all happens on Saturday, Oct. 31, at the Lincoln Theater. 100 California Drive, Yountville. 10am. Free. 707.738.4040.Gabe Meline
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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Aug. 21: We Three Wives in Glen Ellen

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What do a left-leaning country rocker, a poet turned chiropractor, the “Japanese Joni Mitchell” and the founder of one the country’s first rock music magazines have to do with each other? Well, they make up a unique kind of family. Paul Williams was just 17 in 1966 when he put out the first issue of Crawdaddy!, a pioneer publication committed to rock journalism. Besides being one of the first rock critics in America, a poet and an early Philip K. Dick enthusiast, Williams has also had a full love life—he married three times. First, there was singer-song writer Sachiko Kanenobu, a leading figure in Japan’s ’60s folk boom, whose 1972 album Misora became a Japanese sleeper hit in the ’90s. Then came Donna Grace Noyes, a one-time poet and actor who now practices a unique brand of chiropractics in Sonoma. Cindy Lee Berryhill Williams is a country music songstress with politically liberal ditties like “When did Jesus Become a Republican?” and is Williams’ current wife. Due to Williams’ early onset of Alzheimer’s, these three distinguished and distinct women will perform a benefit concert for the husband they evidently all still love. We Three Wives perform on Friday, Aug. 21, at a private residence. 5430 O’Donnell Lane, Glen Ellen. 7:30pm. $25. Reservation required; Hirsch
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