Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Oscars Talk with Mick LaSalle Returns to Napa

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During his 30-plus-year career, San Francisco Chronicle film critic Mick LaSalle watched and reviewed tens of thousands of films, and became as much of an icon in the Bay Area movie scene as the Chronicle’s long-running “Little Man” illustration found at the bottom of reviews in lieu of a star rating. With the Oscars right around the corner, La Salle returns to Napa Valley to offer his Academy Awards picks, pans and predictions at an Oscars Talk with local media personality Barry Martin on Wednesday, Jan. 29, at Blue Note, 1030 Main St., Napa. 7pm. $15–$25. 707.880.2300.
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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

June 13: Greg King presents 'The Ghost Forest' at Jenner Community Center

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Writer and photographer Greg King first came to the old-growth redwood forests of Humboldt County in 1987, and soon after took up the fight against the clear-cutting that was quickly destroying the ancient trees. King’s family once owned the King-Starrett Mill in Monte Rio, one of the largest redwood mills in Sonoma County. He was instrumental in founding and preserving the Headwaters Forest, just south of Eureka, Calif., and has dedicated himself to protecting the redwoods and promoting their preservation. This week, King presents “The Ghost Forest,” a lecture on his life’s work and the issue of timber industry practices, on Friday, June 13, at the Jenner Community Center, 10398 Hwy. 1, Jenner. 7pm. $5. 707.865.2771.

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Friday, May 9, 2014

May 10: Elizabeth Warren at Angelico Hall

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Elizabeth Warren got her first look at the workings of Washington, D.C., when she was called in to advise Congress on rewriting bankruptcy laws. The Harvard law professor fought against political dysfunction, retooling the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to better protect the working and middle classes, and ran for Senate in 2012. Now the senior senator from Massachusetts has written A Fighting Chance about the experience and how the government can do better for working families. Warren reads from and signs her new book on May 10 at Angelico Hall, Dominican University, 50 Acacia Ave., San Rafael. 4pm. $35. 415.927.0960 x1.

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Feb. 9: Mark Cohen Talks About Alan Sherman at the Osher Marin JCC

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“Hello Mother, Hello Father, here I am at Camp Granada” will always live on in my head as that one time the Simpsons did it. Its where Homer mistakes the heavy Chicago accent of comedy writer and novelty song man Allan Sherman for eight-year-old Lisa on the family’s voicemail machine. I never really got that reference, but Sherman’s funny bit still gets a giggle every time. Nevertheless, now may be the best time to learn all about the man and his legacy when author and Sherman biographer Mark Cohen shares stories and lost recordings on Sunday, Feb. 9, at the Osher Marin JCC. 200 N. San Pedro Road, San Rafael. 4pm. Free. 415.444.8000

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sept. 25: Bill McKibben at Dominican University

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Accomplished environmentalist author, journalist and founder of 350.org Bill McKibben found himself behind bars in the summer of 2011 after leading a large civil disobedience at the White House in protest of the Keystone XL pipeline. Now he’s ready to talk about what led him there in his new book Oil and Honey: The Education of an Unlikely Activist, which intertwines his work with a Vermont beekeeper with his story of leading a growing social movement. The book also ties together the two necessary faces of the global climate fight: the fight against the fossil-fuel industry as a whole and the development of small-scale local answers. With empathy and passion, McKibben draws on why these two aspects are mutually reinforcing and must come hand-in-hand for the success of a movement that could lead to saving the planet. McKibben speaks about Oil and Honey on Wednesday, Sept. 25, at Dominican University. 50 Acacia Ave, San Rafael. 7pm. Free. 415.927.0960.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sept. 27: TEDx Marin at the Kanbar Center

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The future is here, and it involves speakers standing onstage with a headset microphone and a PowerPoint remote. TED conferences, in which interesting people talk about interesting things for a $6,000 price tag, are embraced by CEOs, venture capitalists and YouTube view counters. TEDx talks, on the other hand, are not sanctioned by TED and can be sponsored by just about anybody. (A TEDx talk in Corpus Christi last month, since gone viral for the wrong reasons, advocated the attainment of “swag.”) TEDx Marin features an impressive lineup, including neurobiologist Mohammed El Majdoubi, astronaut Ed Lu, author Lynne Twist, futurist Andrew Hessel and others. Be there on Thursday, Sept. 27, at the Osher Marin Jewish Community Center. 200 N. San Pedro Drive, San Rafael. 5:30pm. $75. 415.444.8000.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

July 12: Richard Heinberg at Spring Lake Village Auditorium

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If the recession’s taught us anything, it’s to maximize happiness rather than pursue economic growth, which is known to falter. But what if it’s faltering permanently? Richard Heinberg, the author of ten books including The Party’s Over, Peak Everything and The End of Growth, is regarded as one of the world’s most effective communicators of the urgent need to transition away from fossil fuels. This avid violin player is also a leading educator on Peak Oil—the point where we reach maximum global oil production—and is a senior fellow-in-residence at the Post Carbon Institute. Come hear Heinberg speak on the economy of the future for the World Affairs Council of Sonoma County on Thursday, July 12, at Spring Lake Village Auditorium. 5555 Montgomery Dr, Santa Rosa. 7:30pm. 707.538.8899.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

June 16: TEDx Sonoma County at the Jackson Theater

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In a comical effort to reverse-engineer the ultimate TED Talk, bioinformatics expert Sebastian Wernicke recently analyzed over 500 TED transcripts, comments and presentations. His deduction? The best possible subject for a TED Talk is French coffee’s effect on happiness in the brain. (Other tidbits: TED presenters would do well to go over the time limit, but not to cite the New York Times.) Though not officiated by TED, this weekend’s TED-style TEDx Sonoma County boasts an impressive lineup, including former astronaut Joseph Allen, YouTube sensations Pomplamoose, Pepperwood Preserve’s Ben Benson, poet and former National Endowment for the Arts chairman Dana Gioia, Healdsburg author and farmer Dan Imhoff and many others. Hear from the experts on Saturday, June 16, at the Jackson Theater. 440 Day School Place, Santa Rosa. $25–$40. 1pm. 707.284.3200.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Feb. 24: Eve Ensler & Isabel Allende at Dominican College

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There are two special words in the English language that can cause either intrigue or intimidation: “vagina” and “monologue.” Those on the side of intrigue are in luck, because this weekend, Vagina Monologues creator Eve Ensler is teaming up with Isabel Allende at Dominican College for an inspiring conversation together about activism, women and the power of storytelling. A benefit for V-Day, the global movement to end violence against women and girls, the evening includes a sneak peak of Ensler’s newest play, I Am an Emotional Creature, which opens in June. Join the dynamic duo on Friday, Feb. 24. at Angelico Hall at Dominican College. 50 Acacia Ave., San Rafael. 7pm. $35. 415.927.0960.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Jan. 22: Tom Brokaw at Dominican University

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“What happened to the America I thought I knew?” wonders Tom Brokaw. “Have we simply wandered off course, but only temporarily? Or have we allowed ourselves to be so divided that we’re easy prey?” These may seem like heavy words for a news anchorman, but Brokaw is no average network wonk. Having authored two bestsellers already on the WWII generation and the baby boomers, Brokaw brings his insight to the modern day with The Time of Our Lives: A Conversation About America—Who We Are, Where We’ve Been, and Where We Need to Go Now to Recapture the American Dream. He appears Sunday, Jan. 22, at Dominican University. 50 Acacia Ave., San Rafael. 7pm. Free. 415.927.0960.

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