Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Watch Footage of the 24-Hour Band Contest!

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The Bohemian's second-annual 24-Hour Band Contest was held on July 13, 2013, and man, was it a night to remember! Burning Token Media was on the scene to document the whole thing—the choosing of the bands on Friday, the rehearsals on Saturday, and of course, the mighty performances.

Watch the results in playlist form here, or see individual performances below.




Band #4: ROSE!


And... who won? See below:

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Warren Wonka Auctioning Off Tour of See's Candy Factory

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I’ve always thought the Willy Wonka scenario, where an eccentric candy maker holds a contest to win a tour of his mysterious factory and a lifetime supply of its beloved chocolate by issuing golden tickets in five random chocolate bars around the world, was a genius idea. Even seeing it for the first time as a child, I asked my parents if it was real because if so, I wanted to go buy that chocolate. Well, if someone’s willing to give me about $75,000, I could actually come close to that dream.

The auction for a tour of the See's Candy factory in South San Francisco (with unlimited tasting) is currently bid up to $40,000, though it’s estimated value is $75,000. That’s a lotta chocolate, but the exorbitant price is really for the tour. You see, See’s is like Wonka’s chocolate factory: noooobody ever goes in. And nobody ever comes out. Well, I’m sure the employees do, and probably other relevant people, but not the general public. Though if I worked there I might just set up a little cot next to the dark truffle station at night and never come out.

The tour is for up to four people and includes a meet-and-greet with Warren Buffet. Buffet, probably the smartest investor on the planet, bought See’s for $25 million in 1972. In 2011, it made $376 million, and $83 million of that was pure profit. He won’t be leading the tour, though. The guy doesn’t make the chocolate, he just makes the money from it. He will, however, show the proper way to eat a Bon-Bon, which will make for a great story to tell at every food event ever. “You had dinner with the Dalai Lama? That’s cool, but let me tell you about how Warren Buffet showed me how to eat a Bon-Bon…”

This is a great idea, but here’s an even better one: just copy the Willy Wonka scenario. Mr. Buffet, I promise you will sell SO MUCH candy that it will be worth leading the tour yourself. Just don’t make it about finding a young boy to take over your candy factory, and refrain from taking a crazy flying elevator out through the glass ceiling and flying around town (insurance, as you know, would be a nightmare for this). All I’m asking is to be the official media correspondent for this tour. I’ll need a photographer as well, but I’ve already got one lined up. We most graciously accept your offer in advance. You have my contact info. Let’s make it happen.

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Watch the Board of Supervisors Condemn Efren Carrillo's Actions

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At today's Board of Supervisors meeting, there was a conspicuously empty chair — Efren Carrillo's.

Supervisor David Rabbitt wasted no time in addressing the elephant in the room by being first to condemn Carrillo's behavior that led to the young supervisor being arrested at 3:40 in the morning for trying to break into a woman's bedroom in his socks and underwear.

In the ten minutes the followed, all four supervisors expressed unequivocal empathy for the victim, which, it must be said, is a refreshing change from the spin being peddled by Carrillo's supporters and attorneys. Susan Gorin even discussed the possibility of Carrillo's removal from the Board.

Rabbitt seems to be the one who arranged and led this discussion, and for that, we give kudos to him.

Watch the full comments below:

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Not Much to Feel Good About in DeSantis Settlement

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How long before Santa Rosa will compensate the family of a mentally unstable victim of a police shooting? The most recent estimate is about six years.

Richard DeSantis was killed by a Santa Rosa police sergeant in 2007 after DeSantis’ wife called to report that her husband had been shooting a handgun into the ceiling of his home during a manic episode. When he charged at officers outside, they weren’t sure if he still had the gun, and shot him to death.

It was reported that the city agreed to a $1 million settlement in May of this year, with no admission of wrongdoing. The settlement is a “business decision,” as Santa Rosa police chief Tom Schwedhelm coldly refers to it, that benefited mostly the DeSantis family’s attorneys.

There’s so much to this story, and most of it makes me sick. It’s a lose-lose-lose kind of thing, just the ticket to brighten up a Thursday afternoon.

That lawyers benefit handsomely from this settlement should not come as a surprise to anyone (insert your favorite bloodsucking lawyer joke here), but the numbers are shocking to the casual reader. Of that $1 million settlement, $735,000 goes to lawyers. That’s not the worst of it. After the verdict, the attorneys reportedly asked for $1.8 million (because how would they feed their families on a measly $735,000?).

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Get Thee to a Museum

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Earlier this year a group of fifth grade students from Brook Hill Elementary in Santa Rosa took a field trip to the Santa Rosa Junior College planetarium. Sounds like a nice little jaunt across town—except the fact that they had to walk half way there and then take a city bus the rest of the way.

Over 30 students and chaperones walked a mile and a half to the downtown transit mall to then catch a bus—and have each child pay for his own ticket¬—for a three minute ride the rest of the way to SRJC. Why did they do this? Because it was less than half the cost of reserving a school bus for the whole trip.

The Sonoma County Museum is looking to defray those transportation costs, at least for trips to the museum, for all Sonoma County students. The museum started a Razoo campaign to raise funds for the upcoming school year. Over 3,000 students took advantage of the free transportation and tours at the museum last year, which wiped out the program’s funding. School bus trips cost between $175 and $250 for a round trip, and the museum hopes to have enough money to show off its Day of the Dead Altars and SFMOMA Mexican Photography exhibitions, especially considering the large number of Hispanic students in the county, says the museum.

The funding campaign ends September 8, and the minimum donation is $10. Think of walking two miles to catch a city bus with a group of fifth graders, then go and donate.

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Photos: Rivertown Revival 2013

Music, weddings, costumes and more from the Rivertown Revival on July 20, 2013.

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It was yet another successful year for Petaluma's Rivertown Revival on Saturday, highlighted by the incredible Crux Revival Tent Band delivering a full-on Alabama sermon, complete with call-and-response choir and holy cleansing in the congregation. Up on the hill, marriages were performed for $5; art boat races commenced in the river; plenty of food and beer was downed and music, music and more music lasted all day.

Click the girl on the tractor, below, for a photo slideshow.

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Friday, July 19, 2013

Hunger Strike by California State Prisoners Enters Day Twelve

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It's being called the largest hunger strike in California State history. As of Thursday, July 18, 1,457 inmates in fifteen state prisons continue to refuse food, according to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. The hunger strike began on July 8 at Pelican Bay State Prison—the maximum security prison outside of Crescent City, California—before spreading across the state. The prisoners are protesting a policy that allows those with gang associations (itself a contested definition) to be held in isolation for indefinite periods of time.

At its highest point, 30,000 prisoners refused food at at about two-thirds of the state's facilities, according to Rolling Stone magazine. Hunger strikes have become more common place in California's controversial and notoriously dysfunctional prison system, one that the U.S. Supreme Court declared in a 2011 court ruling violates constitutional rights to health and well-being.

According to Prison Hunger Strike Solidarity, the "hunger strike has been organized by prisoners in an inspiring show of unity across prison-manufactured racial and geographical lines."

The five core demands include the following:

1. End punishment and administrative abuse.
2. Abolish the debriefing policy and modify gang status criteria.
3. Comply with established recommendations by the 2006 U.S. Commission on Safety and Abuse in America's Prisons.
4. Provide adequate and nutritious foods.
5. Expand or provide constructive programming and privileges for indefinite SHU inmates. (one phone call per week, one photograph per year, wall calendars, etc.)

Jerry Brown appears to be having his own Mission Accomplished moment by declaring that the state prison crisis is over. Tell that to the guy who has no access to clean water, the 150 women prisoners that were coerced into being sterilized over the past decade, and the prisoner that's been in windowless, cramped SHU for fifteen years straight.

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Rivertown Revival: Come For the Music and Art Boat Races, Stay For the $5 Weddings

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When boat races, delicious food, cold drinks, $5 weddings and good ole' fashioned Americana music come together, you can be sure that the Rivertown Revival (RR) is making its way into Petaluma, usually known for being the 'Butter and Eggs' center of Sonoma County. Jam-packed with enough musicians, vendors and art boat competitions to keep anyone satisfied, where to begin?

Here's a helpful breakdown of the various events occurring on this exciting day in which you may choose to indulge.


On five stages you will find musicians/bands of different backgrounds and genres performing throughout the day.

Performers include:
2013 NorBay winners for rock, The Highway Poets and for country/Americana, Frankie Boots & the County Line; Bay Area-based folk-punk band, Vagabondage; 13-piece funk/ecentric street band, Church Marching Band; Bay Area native and American roots-focused, Steve Pile band; singer-songwriter with a toy piano, Eliza Rickman; and (for the kids), children's songwriter and guitar player, James K.

For the full list of performers, visit

Buying cool items, plus food and drinks:

Merchants are present to sell their artisanal, environmentally friendly and one-of-a-kind specialty items at RR, which is committed to keeping the festival local, meaning vendors will be coming from within a 100-mile radius of Petaluma. Local food and beverages will also be available and toting the same message of sustainability.

$5 Weddings:

The festival will once again offer couples their one-of-a-kind and fun-filled party as a setting for an unforgettable wedding, and only for the low, low price of $5. Ceremony reservations are still available and are strongly encouraged. On site officiants will perform vow renewals and legal weddings, for couples with the proper paperwork, that is.

Email for more information.

For the Love of Art:

The festival features an array of art- art boats, art performances, music and other items for purchasing, and this year RR invites back sculptors from Sonoma County and beyond to showcase their art on land and some, perhaps, on water.

Called the 'land(ing)' artists, the group includes: geometric sculptor Boback Emad; 3-dimensional sculptors Eileen Fitz-Faulkner and Matthew Rapalyea; 22-year-old Petaluma sculptor Henry Washer; metal sculptor Sean Paul Lorenz; North Bay photographer and master printer Michale Garlington; sculptor and Santa Rosa Junior College design instructor Peter Crompton; metal and ceramic sculptor Todd Cox; and Santa Rosa recycled-metal sculptor Tyson Barbera.

More fun for every one:

1) The famous RR photo booth is here again, with photographer Michael Woolsey ready at the camera.

2) Enter your hand-crafted art boat in the Grand Flotilla competition where judges will score the vessels based on five categories. Apply here:

3) Kid-friendly activities are provided throughout the day on a designated stage this year, including kid-led music, jug band lessons, crafts, scavenger hunts, salmon fishing and more.

Now that you're a bit more acquainted with the excitement Rivertown Revival has to offer, make sure to join the non-stop fun on Saturday, July 20, at Steamer Landing Park. 6 Copeland St., Petaluma. $5. 11am.

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Efren Carrillo Appears in Court

Supervisor ordered to stay away from alleged victim while hearing is delayed to Aug. 30

Posted By on Thu, Jul 18, 2013 at 10:12 AM

Efren Carrillo, right, leaves the courthouse with attorney Chris Andrian. - GABE MELINE
  • Gabe Meline
  • Efren Carrillo, right, leaves the courthouse with attorney Chris Andrian.

Efren Carrillo's attorney certainly has his work cut out for him—and now he has five and a half more weeks to prepare.

Carrillo appeared in court this morning, briefly, while his attorney Chris Andrian and Napa County deputy DA Cody Hunt announced an agreement to enter no complaint and delay the supervisor’s hearing until Aug. 30.

Judge Gary Medvigy accepted the agreement to continue Carrillo’s bond, provided that he stay 100 feet away from the woman who called 911 at 3:40am early Saturday morning to report the supervisor attempting to enter her bedroom window. Carrillo was later arrested wearing only his socks and underwear.

Judge Medvigy ordered Carrillo to have “no contact with the victim in this case, who I’m assuming we’re not naming,” adding repeated instruction to Carrillo that “if you see the alleged victim in this case, you are to make no contact, either directly or indirectly.”

Carrillo spoke just three words in the courtroom: “Yes, your honor.”

Because Carrillo and the woman referred to in court as Jane Doe are neighbors, Andrian made a request on Carrillo’s behalf to “make sure that if he’s in his residence, or going to or from his residence, he’s not in violation.” Medvigy agreed, adding that neither Carrillo nor his representatives were not to contact the woman via either Facebook or Twitter.

Prior to standing before the judge, Carrillo sat quietly, dressed in a grayish-beige suit and intermittently fidgeting with his thumbs. His eyes looked blankly ahead, except for a brief moment when he placed his hands on either knee and closed them, his head facing downward.

After the short appearance, Carrillo got into the passenger seat of Andrian’s BMW and the two drove away.

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Monday, July 15, 2013

"I Have You Now," Mark Hamill Presents SF Symphony at GMC

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My reaction to the news that Mark Hamill will be hosting the San Francisco Symphony pops concert was disbelief. No, it can’t be, that’s impossible! But it’s true. The actor known best for his role as Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars saga will present the afternoon of “Music at the Movies” on Sunday, Aug. 4 at 4pm at the Green Music Center. Tickets are $25 to $100.

My editor told me the news, and at first it was hard to believe. But when he lifted me out of my chair from across the room by simply raising his hand in a choking motion, saying in a disappointed tone, ”I find your lack of faith disturbing,” I quickly changed my tune. Hamill will try to help the symphony to stay on target through pieces by John Williams, Danny Elfman and others. No, he will do it, because there is no try. Shut up, Grizzle, my editor says. Fine, I tell him, this is boring conversation anyway.

But will Hamill be conducting a piece? If he takes the stage, the audience might get a very bad feeling about this. But it might all be a clever rouse to cover up the real conductor, Sarah Hicks, who has served as Principal Conductor of Pops and Specials Presentations with the Minnesota Orchestra since 2009. Those 16th notes, too accurate for Hamill, one might think. Only imperial conductors are so precise.

Don’t get stressed on the way to the concert—if some big galoot in a tree crushing SUV cuts you off in the parking lot, just let the wookie win. And dress nicely—you don’t want to be called a scruffy-looking nerf herder, do you? But don’t get cocky. And as always, may the Force be with you.

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