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Anti-social media

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GO ZUCK YOURSELF I'm leaving you, Facebook. - ANNIE SPRATT
  • Annie Spratt
  • GO ZUCK YOURSELF I'm leaving you, Facebook.

I've been recovering from a recent bout of digital marketing. I don't want to go into where or how I got it, just that it's left me itchy in that way that creative types get because we needed the money. This sounds more venereal than intended, but then, courting a certain virality was part of the gig.

The scratch for this itch? Maybe some old school Internetting. Hmm. Remember when blogs were a thing? Did it. Email newsletters? Clicked "here" to unsubscribe. I've been off and on the podcast ride enough to admit it the siren song was really just loving the sound of my own voice all along.

I'm also hastening an end to my tenuous relationship with social media. I ceded my Twitter account to Russian robots months ago and now I'm contemplating further social media decouplings. TikTok? Don't get it, don't care. Instagram? I can barely live my own life let alone curate it to look better than yours

I long ago converted my Facebook profile into a "page," which is the social media equivalent of Kal-El giving up his superpowers in Superman II — sure, you can become mortal but then you can't really do anything and you can't get your powers back unless you find that magic glow stick (and that, my friends, was last seen at a SOMA warehouse in the 90s).

Thereafter, Facebook has merely served me as a "distribution vector," as "infrequent electronic letter"-writer and thinker Craig Mod aptly describes his similar use of social media. Perhaps I'll hire a Russian bot to post for me rather than going all-in on #deletefacebook, which requires an AI to figure out how to do it anyway.

This is the general thinking: If I'm going to scream into a hole on the Internet, I should own it and my personal data with it. That way, I can more effectively market to myself and turn a vicious circle of posting to ZERO readers into a virtuous cycle of affirming the work of Number Fucking ONE.

Also — I'm just gonna say no to SEO. Now Google can't find me and stalk me with ads for every search term I've ever entered. I recently dropped the E when searching for Moleskine notebooks and have been pursued by blister protection products since.

And no more digital sharecropping for the likes of @Jack and Zuck and probably Putin. I could never muster the algorithmic mojo to viably surface on their platforms anyway. In this infowar, I'm not interested in being a hostage. So, I'm going to tend my own online Victory Garden and make it fertile ground — even if that means it's only full of my own manure.

Daedalus Howell lives at

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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Cloverdale Citrus Fair Heats Up Northern Sonoma County Feb. 14-17

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It’s not even Spring in Sonoma County, yet the Cloverdale Citrus Fair already has its sights set on summer. This year’s fair theme, “California Dreamin’,” features a veritable boardwalk of entertainment and exhibits. Highlights of the fair include the annual Citrus Fair Queen competitive pageant on Feb. 14, the Citrus Fair Parade that travels through town on Feb. 15 and the Baby Derby (crawlers only) on Feb. 17. The Fair runs Friday through Monday, Feb. 14–17, at the Citrus Fairgrounds, 1 Citrus Fair Dr., Cloverdale. $5–$10 and up.
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Garagiste Wine Fest Exposes Micro-Wineries in Sonoma on Feb. 15

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Now in its third year, the Garagiste Wine Festival is the North Bay’s best chance to try the region’s small-scale wines from hard-to-find winemakers who often do not have their own tasting rooms. The afternoon tasting also includes artisan food vendors pairing bites with the more than 150 wines on hand, and the VIP all-access experience lets you get in the door before anyone else on Saturday, Feb. 15, at Sonoma Veterans Memorial Hall, 126 First St. W, Sonoma. VIP doors open at noon; grand tasting begins at 2pm. $65 and up.
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How I Became an Art Thief

Media malfeasance

Posted on Wed, Feb 12, 2020 at 3:35 PM

  • Daedalus Howell
  • SKULLDUGGERY I stole this.

Ever want to post a nude online but fear future repercussions? Conceptual artist Andy Sewell has you covered—literally.

At a recent exhibit of the artist's work and collaborations at Petaluma's Sonoma Coast Surf Shop, Sewell showcased his knitted, wearable digital pixelation garments for "When you want to fake that nude but not regret it later ... cover your bits with BITS." Sewell's tableaux also included a piece of "found art" originally created by fellow artist Johnny Hirschmugl (otherwise branded as Art by Johnny), which Hirschmugl himself offhandedly said Sewell hoped would be stolen at the event. I obliged. I offer my confession here, publicly, to attest to having aided in closing (what I hope was) the conceptual loop as well as heading off any legal pursuits in the matter since stealing the painting was technically performance art. The piece is now on my bookshelf. If either artist wants it back, you know where to find me (on eBay).

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Meanwhile: I have a vague memory of attending the Wine County Distillery Festival. I believe there were distilled spirits and a cocktail contest for which I and other media types served as judges. It stands to reason that somebody won—my congratulations to them. If anyone finds the brain cells I lost, please send them to me c/o of the Bohemian.

• • •

Cult-brew Pliny the Younger returned to Russian River Brewing Company last Friday, causing its usual annual people-jam to encircle Santa Rosa's Fourth Street and beyond. Days later, the line for the triple India pale ale (which comes in at a whopping 10.25 percent alcohol by volume) persists. Of course between the brews' namesake, Rome's Pliny the Younger, and Pliny the Elder, is Pliny the Millennial—known for highlighting the absurdity of his privilege by humble-bragging about enduring a long beer line. #youthiswastedontheyounger

• • •

Our friend John Augustine Moran has shuffled off this mortal coil. He was an artist in every sense who had many a great turn on local stages, was easy with a tune and was the kind of smoke-breathed co-conspirator to pull you into a corner by the elbow and tell you, "This is how it's gonna go, lad ..." He was my friend, mentor and consigliere. Who could resist his Dickensian accent, his Satanically smooth entreaties, the winking charm he used to get me into more and deeper shit than I care to recall? We're collecting remembrances of Moran at, which may be used in a future tribute. If Moran touched your life, please leave a note. In the meantime, permit me to quote Hamlet: "I knew him, Horatio; a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy; he hath borne me on his back a thousand times ..."

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Local Stars Burrows & Dilbeck Headline Mystic Theatre on Feb. 16

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It’s an insanely packed week of concerts at the Mystic Theatre & Music Hall, with touring acts like punk icons the Melvins on the 14th, funk legends George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic on the 17th and an already sold-out Ani diFranco show on the 19th. In the middle of all that, don’t pass on a local showcase featuring power duo Burrows & Dilbeck, who join forces for a pop-soul sound on their new album, All The Same. Acoustic rockers the Pat Jordan Band and danceable Americana act Burnside open the show on Sunday, Feb. 16, at the Mystic Theatre, 23 Petaluma Blvd. N, Petaluma. 6:30pm. $18. 707.775.6048.
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Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Parlor Jazz Returns to Healdsburg with Album-Release Concert on Feb. 7

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Acclaimed bassist, vocalist and composer Jeff Denson is known as a trailblazer of jazz, and he recently joined forces with French guitarist Romain Pilon and powerhouse-drummer Brian Blade for a virtuoso trio that can be heard on the new album, Between Two Worlds, released last October. Featuring originals by Denson and Pilon, the album has amazing interplay and melodies that North Bay audiences can hear live in concert when Denson, Pilon and Blade perform an album-release show on Friday, Feb. 7, at Paul Mahder Gallery, 222 Healdsburg Ave., Healdsburg. 7:30pm. $30. 707.473.9150.
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Isabella Rossellini Brings the Circus to Sonoma on Feb. 8

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Actress and filmmaker Isabella Rossellini is known for her fearless and peerless performances on screen and stage. Lately, her off-screen interest in animals and wildlife conservation has made its way into her work, and this weekend Rossellini is in the North Bay with a new live show, Link Link Circus, that blends lecture, puppetry, performance and film for a funny and insightful show starring herself and her dog Pan that’s about the connection between animals and humans on Saturday, Feb. 8, at Sebastiani Theatre, 476 First St. E., Sonoma. 7pm doors, 8pm show. $45. 707.996.9756.
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Rumi's Caravan Presents Ancient Poetry in Santa Rosa on Feb. 8

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North Bay collective Rumi’s Caravan is now in its 20th year, though the poetry they present at their live events goes back thousands of years and carries on an oral tradition of storytelling known as the ecstatic tradition that dates back to the 13th-century Persian poet and scholar Rumi. This weekend, Rumi’s Caravan presents an evening of poetry recited from memory but offered in the moment and accompanied by music on Saturday, Feb. 8, at the Glaser Center, 547 Mendocino Ave., Santa Rosa. 7pm. Free; donations welcomed.
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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Suffrage Centennial Exhibit Opens at Museum of Sonoma County

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This year marks a century since the ratification of the 19th Amendment, which gave women the constitutional right to vote. This momentous centennial is honored and explored on a local level at the upcoming exhibit, “From Suffrage to #MeToo: Groundbreaking Women in Sonoma County.” The exhibit covers over a dozen North Bay women who made strides in the suffrage and other social movements, and details their struggles and successes with artifacts and other eye-opening displays when the exhibit opens with a reception on Friday, Jan. 24, at the Museum of Sonoma County, 425 Seventh St., Santa Rosa. 5pm. $10; $7 senior and student.
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Napa Valley Music Associates Performs 'Mostly Mozart' This Weekend

Posted By on Wed, Jan 22, 2020 at 2:08 PM

The most famous composer in the world, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, turns 264 years young this weekend, and Napa Valley Music Associates is throwing a party at the 25th annual “Mostly Mozart in Napa Valley.” The afternoon concert features several professional musicians and soprano vocalist Dr. Christina Howell in a program that is, indeed, mostly Mozart’s compositions, as well as selections from Beethoven and others. The concert supports NVMA’s ongoing music education and performance programs on Sunday, Jan. 26, at First Presbyterian Church, 1333 Third St., Napa. 2:30pm. $20; $10 seniors and students. 707.322.8402.
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