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2012: The Music Quiz 

How well do you know your year in popular music?

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11. Which singer performed "I Will Always Love You" at the Grammy Awards in tribute to Whitney Houston, who had died the day before?

a) Dolly Parton

b) Jennifer Hudson

c) Alicia Keys

d) Beyoncé

12. Beck released his latest album on which format?

a) 8-track

b) reel-to-reel

c) wax cylinder

d) sheet music

13. What is the hit single from Taylor Swift's album Red?

a) "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together"

b) "You Are Never Ever Dating Me Ever"

c) "I Am Never Ever Dating Anyone For Over a Week"

d) "We Are Never Ever Saying Never Ever Ever Again Ever"

14. While accepting the Album of the Year award at the Grammys, what did Adele interrupt her speech to do?

a) Adjust her "small-size, rubbish" bra

b) Wipe "a bit of snot" from her nose

c) Remove her "bloody uncomfortable" heels

d) Make an obscene gesture to "that wanker" Chris Brown

15. Who had the highest grossing tour in 2012?

a) Madonna

b) Roger Waters

c) Van Halen

d) Barbra Streisand

16. Who appeared in hologram form at Coachella?

a) Janis Joplin

b) Michael Jackson

c) Tupac Shakur

d) Ronald Reagan

17. What is Pussy Riot?

a) A Russian punk group whose members were jailed for protesting Vladimir Putin

b) A feminist band that hacked into and sabotaged Rick Santorum's live webcast

c) A day of protest when popular music videos were replaced with cat videos

d) A Palestinian "vaginacore" band working to bring birth control to Gaza

18. At every show of his Wrecking Ball tour, Bruce Springsteen did what?

a) Spit on the crowd

b) Smashed his guitar

c) Crowdsurfed across the audience

d) Flipped off a video of Mitt Romney

19. Hip-hop group Death Grips violated their contract with Epic Records and self-leaked their album, No Love Deep Web, in October. What image did they use for cover art?

a) A hacked Instagram photo of the president of Epic Records wearing women's lingerie

b) Five pools of pink vomit surrounding the word "royalties"

c) A penis, with the album title written on it in permanent marker

d) Charles Manson

20. Approximately how much does an artist receive for each song streamed on Spotify?

a) 2 cents

b) 1 cent

c) less than 1 cent

d) less than half of 1 cent

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