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Re: “Hunger Games


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Posted by Francis James on 12/15/2019 at 5:36 PM

Re: “Botanical Bus Herb Clinic arrives soon


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Posted by william steve on 12/13/2019 at 10:40 PM

Re: “Sonoma County Sheriff watchdog group IOLERO is underfunded


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Posted by william steve on 12/13/2019 at 10:40 PM

Re: “Charity Case

Interesting to note Napa County Supervisor Belia Ramos, who’s county was under multiple PSPS blackouts, with 180,000 people evacuated from fires path, many into Napa County, , chose a trip to DC. What exactly was accomplished at Tax payers expense? Note Belia Ramos is up for re-election and has a challenger for the seat.

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Posted by Save Rural Angwin on 12/09/2019 at 5:15 PM

Re: “Locals support homeless

You are sorely mistaken Sonoma county if you think allowing drug addicts with loose dogs to live in encampments and poop on the Joe or daughter trail is OK it’s not it’s a mess. It’s dangerous it’s toxic it’s stealing the parks I’ve paid for with tax dollars I have worked for for 40 years nobody can go on the trail to ride bikes anymore and they create a fire hazard 150 feet from my condo.
There are empty lots and buildings, this is
a S - — Show.

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Posted by shelleyanne on 12/06/2019 at 9:56 AM

Re: “Locals support homeless

Order, "Directions to the Dumpster" @ Barnes & Noble also @ Help actual Homeless person create a forum so real solutions are implemented and the Un Sheltered problem finally addresses real solution

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Posted by eddiecamp on 12/06/2019 at 9:04 AM

Re: “Locals support homeless

A band aid, as usual, "Homeless Action", non action, who I have been active with, and all media have ignored, "Directions to the Dumpster" if you want to help why is, "Directions to the Dumpster" Authoed by an actual homeless person in Santa Rosa, why no ink? Seems the truth is ignored for Band-Aids instead, some people prefer it this way, otherwise, they won't know how to make themselves feel better about themselves and some won't have anymore photo ops with PD. I have real solution! Eddie Campagnola Author, "Directions to the Dumpster"

2 likes, 1 dislike
Posted by eddiecamp on 12/06/2019 at 9:00 AM

Re: “Charity Case

Now I understand why the board of supervisors were pushing fire victims so hard to use the sometimes destructive FEMA cleanup crews. Some contractors should lose their license for the unnecessary destruction they caused. Being paid by the ton for debris removal was an incentive to over excavate and rip out heavy foundations and driveways while being paid by the ton, and damaging septic systems. Some may have needed to come out, but how many foundations were tested first?

Unwarranted foundation removal certainly delays getting people back in their homes, sometimes by a year if foundations need to wait for the rainy season to be over. There is also an environmental cost to taking out and replacing foundations. Not very green.

Permit Sonoma can take months to get perc done or plans checked. Seldom the few weeks sometimes mentioned.

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Posted by Taxed on 12/05/2019 at 2:30 PM

Re: “Locals support homeless

Hi Rochelle from Sonoma County Acts of Kindness. I would like to add that our main focus of the group is to have a safe place with like minded people to help the less fortunate. We have been working with the trail doing cleanups and building relationships with the folks down there. This isn’t something that can be ignored anymore. We have to pull together as a community to make change happen. The old ways aren’t working anymore. Regardless if people don’t support what we are doing or join us, the issue isn’t going away. They can be pushed around all Sonoma County but unless bigger forces help these people it will continue to grow! We have one couple on the trail we have been helping to get a job. I have others who want to just be given a chance to step up. Maybe if we stand by our fellow man and show that we care they can start to believe in themselves for the first time in their lives. Maybe if we look at the individual and how they came to their life now. 98% of the people in our group who step up are women. We need good male role models to step up too!! This says a huge thing about our community. Most of the ones who step up down there are women!! What’s going on?? What’s wrong with this picture?? All I have to say is everyone can stand around and complain but how about you come down and help clean up your community, go to our meetings to stay informed of what’s being done and share whatever gifts you have with others. If it fails then you can at least say you gave it your best shot, did something for your community and didn’t stand around doing nothing.

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Posted by Rochelle Roberts on 12/04/2019 at 11:01 PM

Re: “River Redux


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Posted by sophiaq on 12/04/2019 at 6:14 AM

Re: “River Redux

I can guarantee the levels will drop continuously at pretty good rate. I don't know much about all of this pollution. All I know is if we eliminate what we know then it will get better. Personally I have witnessed the liveaboards in the Petaluma Marina continuously on a daily basis for at least five years discharge there holding tanks if not a direct flush right into the water. The Marina has a pump out station but it is never used. The majority of the liveaboards I have never seen at the public restrooms. It's really a no brainer. Even offering to testify that I witnessed human fecal matter blow out the side of vessels on more then one occasion. I even saw a guy walk out his back door with a bucket in hand and dump a bucket full right off the stern. Right in front of me. He never looked up, nor did he seem to care that I was standing there. FOR OVER FIVE YEARS I have been looking for someone to do something.

I have talked to the people "managing" or trying to manage the marina, and even the newly elected mayor and everyone in between begging to do something. The law clearly states the Marinas manager (Harbor Master) is to enforce the EPA's guidelines. Last year I expressed my concerns and I still cannot understand why these "environmentalist" would do nothing I even offered enforce the rules and regulations. I saw so much pollution float down the river and could not pick it up because City would not provide and trash receptacles accessible to the pubic, rather locked all but one can at the boat ramp that would get emptied ever 2 weeks.

I have been falsely arrested for political reasons. and after bailing out I received a letter saying I was never arrested or taken to booking. It said I was only detained and was released at the Petaluma Police Department. The officer actually said I was arrested for political reasons. Still today I am being harassed to the extreme.

Ellis Water Treatment and the Public Works Director are being sued because of a Whistle Blower had said he witnessed on multiple occasions the fudging of numbers because the fecal bacteria was to high for the public's use. He claims that the water had unhealthy amounts e' coli. This is the same city worker that stated at a board meeting after signing a new 20 year lease that all the vessels at the marina were not dropping raw sewage in the river. This gentleman has a special license and is supposed to be a trusted professional individual. THIS BLOW MY MIND!!! If this is not an act of terrorism, I don't know what would be.

Former Indiana Water Treatment Plant Superintendent Sentenced to Prison for Falsifying Reports

WASHINGTON — The former superintendent of a wastewater treatment facility in Rochester, Ind., was sentenced today in U.S. District Court in South Bend, Ind., to serve one year in prison for falsifying discharge monitoring reports that concealed violations of the Clean Water Act, the Justice Department announced.

Herbert L. Corn was sentenced to one year in prison on each of five counts to be served concurrently. Following the prison sentence, Corn was ordered to serve one year of supervised release, which includes three months of home detention, on each count to run concurrently.

The Public Works Director is the person who has been trying to manage the Marina. Even when Barry Thorson and his wife were Harbor Masters. Just recently The City has hired an Airport/ Marina Manager. I have seen him at the marina maybe 2 hours total. The only thing that seems to qualify him as a Harbor Master is his inflated ego.

I met a gentleman from the State Water Board and had him run tests here at the marina in hopes to get people to stop dumping. The results were thru the roof. I don't know much about the scientific view. but what I have gathered is anything over 34/100mL is unhealthy. The Marina had nothing less the 175/100mL and at the mouth of the marina it was 720/100mL. The gentleman said he could not understand why it would be so elevated in this area. And once again said it is a long drawn out process to achieve results. I disagreed.

About three weeks later I caught wind that a pipe on the pumpout station was broken and when sewage was pumped out at the pump out station it went directly into the river. This would explain the high content at the entrance. I personally paddle a vessel and pumped it out a week prior, Assuming it would be managed and operational.

The City of Petaluma has failed and seems to be the only entity that stands in the way of activating this river. Even the "Friends of the River" should be totally ashamed that they accept grants and are supposed to help keep the River healthy. The amount of money that runs thru that organization, I can only imagine. Yet they cannot provide a public receptacle. And then a write up saying Fecal Bacteria has always been and his children swim in the water and its o.k. PEOPLE DO YOUR RESEARCH!! IT IS NOT O.K.!! Below is a link showing how many people get sick from this type of water. And the numbers used are nothing close to our elevated numbers. Just because a person says something does not mean it is true, yet this guy gets a bunch of thumbs up and "great way with words".

I contemplated with city begging to rectify the situation saying we could fix this problem instead of getting more negative attention in regards to the river. They refused. Because here we are.

Ideally the State Lands Commision will see the neglect and the continuous pollution due to the City not being able to Manage the Marina and its Water Ways.

The Commission’s core purpose is to protect the lands and resources entrusted to its care through balanced management, marine protection and pollution prevention, adaptation to climate change, and ensuring public access to these lands and waters for current and future generations of Californians. The Commission is dedicated to safeguarding and promoting the public’s access rights to waterways and the coastline.

The City of Petaluma does not even have public access at the Marina. No place to park you boat and go shop or eat lunch.. This not promoting recreational boating. The last person to rent a slip had to wait 45= days until he was approved.

I am not suggesting fining the people who drop sewage in the river. rather educate and offer solution. I'm sure a lot of the vessels are not in compliance with current codes and regulations, I have set up a go fund me account to generate money's needed to supply these vessels with proper plumbing if that is what is needed. I know that if we can put a stop to +/- 16 people dropping waste in the river the numbers will decrease dramatically. As far as the City goes, GOOD LORD! I never knew politicians were so entangled in drama. I thought they were for the people.

This is the point that the Petaluma River takes a long awaited turn. I believe if we do our part and show respect to our river the Army Core of Engineers will fund us. But to sit back and see to total disregard to health of the river, if I was them. I would not approve the dredge. But imagine if they do dredge and get rid of a of the contaminates and everyone stopped the sewage. Wow! It would be like a new River. A healthy River.

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Posted by Chad roughton on 12/02/2019 at 9:27 AM

Re: “Grateful Daed

It absolutely kills me you followed up on that Cafe Gratitude place.

2 points also for calling out PT dot com for its primary use case.

Solid reporting.

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Posted by JD Gimzek on 12/01/2019 at 10:21 AM

Re: “Charity Case

Great to see that investigative reporting is not extinct (tho definitely endangered). Good work!
Not a main exposé point in your piece, just a surreal tidbit; they really used donations to build an outdoor ice-skating rink? As a fundraiser!?!

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Posted by leslie 2 on 11/28/2019 at 7:29 PM

Re: “Charity Case

Really good to see investigative reporting is not yet extinct (tho definitely endangered). Great work!
I know this wasn't a major point in the article, maybe just a surreal aside, but; an outdoor ice-skating rink was built with donated money, as a fundraiser? Really?!?

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Posted by leslie 2 on 11/28/2019 at 7:14 PM

Re: “Charity Case

What a tangled web we weave! Suddenly the 45th President of the US does not look so unique. And the senator from Vermont looks more unique.

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Posted by Beverly Alexander on 11/27/2019 at 10:03 PM

Re: “Charity Case

Thank you so much for this excellent, detailed and informative article. I'm so glad that solid investigative reporting is alive and well. And yes, I will stay tuned.

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Posted by Roberta Teller on 11/24/2019 at 4:37 PM

Re: “Charity Case

You have a sharp eye, Mr. Simmons!

The Bohemian is well aware that on October 11, 2017, Mr. Anderson established a 501-C(4) organization called Rebuild North Bay. We examined the incorporation documents and the tax return and the independent audit of that organization, which is allowed to engage in lobbying and politicking, although it cannot offer tax exemptions as a charity can.

The lobbying non-profit is a separate entity from the almost identically named Rebuild North Bay FOUNDATION, the 501-C(3) which we reported on in detail. The lobbying non-profit’s tax return, audit, and statements from its board of directors (same as the foundation’s board of directors) reveal that the lobbying organization is inactive and not accepting donations. It does not currently lobby nor do anything at all except sit on a bank account of $12,428, as reported in its tax return. PG&E and Rebuild North Bay FOUNDATION’s other donors funded only the 501-C-(3), which is the organization that undertook successive lobbying trips to Washington D.C. and gave money to local politicians, etc.

We chose not to delve into the matter of the 501-C(4) in our story about Rebuild North Bay Foundation because we were reporting only on the actions of the charity, and the technicalities of the existence of the dormant lobbying organization were potentially confusing to readers. That said, when Mr. Anderson first announced the existence of his charitable businesses he made sure to mention that there was a 501-C(4) in the background, which, apparently gave local politicians, such as Supervisor David Rabbit, the true notion that Anderson had the legal capability of funneling unlimited amounts of “dark” money into campaigns for or AGAINST local politicians. And although the lobbying non-profit arm of Anderson’s network of businesses and non-profits is “dormant,” as Ms. Thompson characterized it to us, it can be brought to life instantly—potentially posing a powerful threat to any politicians who cross Mr. Anderson’s political agendas. The Power Broker series will continue to examine Mr. Anderson’s business and lobbying affairs. Please stay tuned.

17 likes, 2 dislikes
Posted by Peter Byrne on 11/23/2019 at 12:21 PM

Re: “Charity Case

How the hell did the Bohemian NOT disclose that there is a 501c3 and a 501c4 organization? Neither mentioned in the article nor was it shared with the tax professionals interviewed, otherwise their responses would be very different. This amounts to journalistic malpractice at best, and a hit job at worst.

The Bohemian failed to note that there is a 501c3 and 501c4 corporate entity, "Rebuild North Bay Foundation" and "Rebuild North Bay" respectively. The latter is totally allowed to engage in lobbying.

That changes everything. And, as the Bohemian rightly points out the Press Democrat has fallen short on disclosing its relationships here, I'm bummed to also see the Bohemian fall short of journalistic ideals. That's not completely damning, but it's not OK.

However, there is legitimate criticism of the Rebuild North Bay organizations buried in the remains here. For instance, why has the 501c3 foundation spent so little in direct charity, even on things they put directly in their mission statement? There were 3 well moneyed charitable organizations in the wake of 2017, and only 2 put that money to work.

Again, not damning, but also not OK.

So here we are: there's a lot of big and small things that have gone wrong here. But the real story is FAR less shady than this article makes it out to be.

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Posted by Joshua R. Simmons on 11/23/2019 at 8:18 AM

Re: “Charity Case

Just wow. I’m embarrassed for and ashamed of all involved to include elected officials.

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Posted by Clay Cook on 11/22/2019 at 5:57 PM

Re: “Charity Case

First rate investigative reporting, though one expects there are still stones to be turned over. We want more!

11 likes, 1 dislike
Posted by Dave Ransom on 11/22/2019 at 3:17 PM

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