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Re: “Graton Expectations

Darius is simply a hard working person thats trying to help the community. We should all do the hard work he does!

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Posted by Kirk C. Anderson on 10/29/2018 at 3:51 PM

Re: “Cage Match

Proposition 12 is an outright scam.
This measure was co-written by United Egg Producers and would explicitly legalize cruel battery cages in California until at least 2022. And it would forever confine hens inside massive factory farms that restrict hens to only one square foot floor space per bird!

No one should fall for HSUS's bogus claims that this will regulate the sale and production of veal and pork from other states. That cynical and constitutionally flawed window dressing will never survive the inevitable years of legal challenges. It was only inserted into the initiative to distract from its massive sell-out to the egg industry.

Find out why Californians Against Cruelty, Cages, and Fraud, the Humane Farming Association (HFA), Friends of Animals (FoA), People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), and many others are strongly opposing the measure.
Please visit

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Posted by mary and rew on 10/24/2018 at 4:00 PM

Re: “Cage Match

Prop 12 is a commonsense measure that everyone, no matter their diet, can get behind. Right now, millions of baby veal calves, pregnant pigs, and egg-laying hens are locked in cramped, immobilizing cages that cause them to suffer. Prop 12 would get them out of those cages entirely. Mainstream and trusted groups like the HSUS, ASPCA, and dozens of other animal welfare organizations have endorsed this measure, because it would drastically reduce animal suffering. On November 6th, vote yes on 12.

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Posted by Zoie Catharine May on 10/24/2018 at 8:54 AM

Re: “Graton Expectations

I hope readers are paying attention to all of this - this con-man started Rebuild NorthBay, and then turns around and lobbies for PG&E, helping grease the way for PG&E to pass their liabilities onto the ratepayers (so many of which are the victims of their negligence) meanwhile City Council votes to extend post-fire emergency status so Rebuild can continue giving no bid contracts to their buddies to do work which should be at least partially opened up to local unions/contractors. All of this just sickens me and we stand by and watch as they make shady deals, get rich off tragedies that happen to real hardworking citizens, and we are reading more every day about their planning of our future, all this stuff is conveniently arranged by the time we hear about it. I'm saddened at the complacency and heads in the sand, however I am really impressed at so many articles in the Bohemian exposing these criminals, thank you for exposing these criminals.

11 likes, 2 dislikes
Posted by Demand Accountability on 10/15/2018 at 4:22 PM

Re: “Graton Expectations

Station Casinos loaned millions of dollars to the Graton tribe to cover up front development costs, and the tribe is paying it back out of casino proceeds, so it is the tribe's money that covered the land costs.

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Posted by Peter Byrne on 10/12/2018 at 8:13 AM

Re: “Graton Expectations

Actually, watermarko, Ratto and friends had purchased the land to use as wetlands mitigation banks land. Dennis Hunter had tried to float a development propoal for a portion of the land, what is now essentially the casino site, but never got it off the ground; too many environmental hurdles. This was before the RP site was even a gleam in the tribes eye. I forget the name of Hunters proposal, but its in the City of Rohnert Park records. I probably still have a copy. Incidentally, the tribe never paid $5 million to anybody, because they didnt have it to spend. That money, like all the money spent prior to the casinos opening, including Greg Sarris endowed chair, was fronted to them by Station Casinos. Its all in the companys SEC filings.

2 likes, 3 dislikes
Posted by NorCalGal on 10/11/2018 at 1:24 PM

Re: “Graton Expectations

Casino Funny Business? Don't forget the "Big Four" (Waste Management et al) buying up the land for flipping resale to tribe for casino.

Meanwhile, from 2012 Press Democrat story on sale of Press Democrat to Darius Anderson's group, quoting Darius Anderson:
"All the partners agree that the journalistic independence of the publications is paramount, Falk said, vowing to act as a "firewall" against undue influence.
"I will protect that at all costs," Falk said.
Anderson, who has seen his share of negative press coverage, stressed that he welcomed hard-hitting investigative and watchdog journalism, even if it raised questions about his businesses and interests.
"None of us are going to get in your way because if we do, it dilutes the value of our investment," Anderson said."

8 likes, 2 dislikes
Posted by watermarko on 10/10/2018 at 9:23 PM

Re: “The Hard Cell

The Thermal effect is No Safety Guideline to go by and Telecom Industry will use their Loophole Artists (lawyers) to shut down any widescope peer-reviewed research findings like that of Martin Pall and other high profile scientists WHO WARN OF WHAT IS TO COME IF MILIMETER WAVE TECHNOLOGY 5G IS DEPLOYED IN CITIES AROUND THE WORLD, See his reaearch papers and video and don't get sucked in by telecom hype and advertisers who take over your mind by using a long string of positive sounding impressive words, THEY WORK FOR THE DEVIL, YOUR HEALTH OF OF ZERO IMPORTANCE "and smoking is Good For You!"

Posted by Maria Soleada on 10/07/2018 at 4:46 PM

Re: “Can Do

I'm here to testify about the great work Dr Oniha did for me. I have been suffering from (HERPES) disease for the past 5 years and had constant pain, especially in my knees. During the first year,I had faith in God that i would be healed someday.This disease started circulating all over my body and i have been taking treatment from my doctor, few weeks ago i came across a testimony of one lady on the internet testifying about a Man called Dr Oniha on how he cured her from Herpes Simplex Virus. And she also gave the email address of this man and advise anybody to contact him for help for any kind of sickness that he would be of help, so I emailed him telling him about my (HERPES Virus) he told me not to worry that i was going to be cured!! Well i never believed it,, well after all the procedures and remedy given to me by this man few weeks later i started experiencing changes all over me as Dr Oniha assured me that i will be cured,after some time i went to my doctor to confirmed if i have be finally healed behold it was TRUE, So friends my advise is if you have such sickness or any other at all you can contact Dr Oniha via email You can also call or whatsApp his telephone number +1 628 204 8530. Thanks once again Dr Oniha.

Posted by Laura Morris on 10/04/2018 at 8:30 PM

Re: “Fire Wall

Getting rid of these damn Sonoma County Alliance - aligned politicians would go a long way toward improving things in this county.

Posted by MHilber on 09/24/2018 at 10:42 AM

Re: “Fire Wall

Good grief. Sounds a bit like the corporate contract feeding frenzy after we invaded Iraq. Surely there are state, even county, organizations capable of making a city-wide after-action report.

Posted by leslie 2 on 09/19/2018 at 11:02 PM

Re: “Cream Dreams


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Posted by lvcotatian55 on 08/29/2018 at 5:43 PM

Re: “High Hats

Another shoddy, slanted piece by the Bohemian. No wonder your reviews are so poor.

For starters, the name of the group opposing commercial pot operations in residential areas is Save Our Sonoma Neighborhoods, not Save our Sonoma County Neighbors.
So good journalism there, nice that you bothered to get the name right. Obviously you didnt talk to any members. And we are not the neighbors or the neighbor camp. You can use SOSN as an abbreviation.

The Board voted against exclusion zones, they didnt enact them. (This after their own committee recommended them and 3 Supervisors previously were favorable.)
Were you even there?

We have had 7 home invasions and 10 murders at sonoma pot grows in past 3 years.
We had another shooting at a legal grow last week, with an attempted murder. The myth that legalization leads to less crime has been debunked. Colorado has had 11 pot related homicides since legalization. How is that working?

Here are 3 articles showing that legalization does not reduce crime:………

As to your statement that neighbors camp cited perceived threats to safety. Are you for real? How many have to die, how many women and children need to get tied up and pistol whipped before you stop calling safety issue perceived? 15? 20? What's your number?

Here are some other cases of "perceived" violence at pot grows.

Pot growers invaded this persons land, tell them it's cool, only their perception.…

These people are surrounded by growers and their story is harrowing. Tell them they have a perception issue.…

These people have to endure a pot grow 20 feet away. Good that they are just perceiving it or it would really suck.…

These people can no longer use their outdoors, have barbeques. Because of a winery? Guess again.…

These people lost their life savings. Because of perception? Nope. Guess again.…

This family lost $100,000 in property value when a grow moved in. Maybe they just perceived the loss?…

These people are deluged with noxious environmental stench from a grow not even that close. I should say perceived stench. I suppose it actually smells like roses over there.…

Posted by jim bracco on 08/18/2018 at 12:39 AM

Re: “High Hats

The guy who lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is higher than anyone in California! Am I the only one who could see it from his countenance? When the German Chancellor Angela Merkel was photographed leaning over a table staring at Trump was it not obvious that Trump was about to laugh in her face so stoned was he! He folded his arms tightly across his ribs 2 hold in his Glee and laughter from being so high. I don't blame him that means there will be less Wars as cannabis is a peace plant. alcohol excess can lead to violence.Dr. Joel Taylor

0 likes, 1 dislike
Posted by on 08/15/2018 at 8:29 PM

Re: “To Witt


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Posted by Andrea Dgeorge on 08/13/2018 at 8:55 PM

Re: “HIV

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Posted by Morning Morgan on 08/11/2018 at 11:33 PM

Re: “HIV

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Posted by Jeff Kingsley on 08/11/2018 at 6:34 AM

Re: “HIV

I am from USA i was diagnosed with HSV TPYE 2 while I was pregnant .I cried for days. I was devastated and looking up info on it just made it worse. I don't know how long I have had it for. I don't know if my partner has it or if he was the one who transferred it to me. I had one outbreak while pregnant. That's how I found out I had the virus. I started taking and antiviral and took it everyday twice a day to make sure I wasn't able to get an outbreak. I debated whether I wanted to have my daughter natural or c- section. I was terrified. Stress wasn't helping my situation. I ended up having her natural and she is a beautiful healthy 2 month old baby girl. I try not to think about me having the virus because of my depression i couldn't. so I have to focus more on how to get rid of HSV TPYE 2 because i don't want anything to happen to my daughter and thank God she was born fine. i visited different hospital but they gave me list of drugs like acyclovir, Zovirax, and (valacyclovir)Valtrex without without get rid of my virus. one day i decide to surf the internet for cure so i saw a testimony total cure of HERPES by Dr. JOHN with NATURAL HERBS so i pick up the email Address: and contact he an hour later he reply explain to me how am going to get the herbs and how am going to use it to cure my virus i give a try believe me it work perfectly i used it within seven days now am tested negative i am free from the virus thanks Doc. for so many passing through this contact Dr. JOHN to help you get rid of the virus. here is his email address: you can also call or add him on whats app +2347064365391 He can as well cure so many diseases like...........
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Posted by Jeff Kingsley on 08/10/2018 at 3:06 PM

Re: “Debriefer: April 26, 2017

My name is Mrs Jennifer Robert am out here to testify about how Dr ALEX cured my (HERPES SIMPLEX VIRUS) i visited different hospital but they gave me list of drugs which were expensive to treat the virus but to no avail. I was browsing through the Internet searching for remedy on HERPES and i saw comment of people talking about how Dr ALEX them. when i contacted him he gave me hope and send a Herbal medicine to me which i first thought wont solve anything but later i gave it a try and it seriously worked, my HERPES result came out negative. I am so happy as i am sharing this testimony. My advice to you all who thinks that their is no cure for herpes and also no genuine spell caster that is Not true just contact him and get cured today Dr ALEX spell shrine can cure all kinds of sickness.Remember delay in treatment leads to death email him @ {}. OR call him on +2347070685053 OR add him on whatsapp

Posted by leokadia stella on 08/09/2018 at 2:50 PM

Re: “HIV

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Posted by Jeff Kingsley on 08/07/2018 at 11:27 AM

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