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Re: “Letters to the Editor: May 31, 2017

Christopher Patrick Murphy Berkheimers most recent letter was a truly and completely nauseating follow-up to his previous nauseating letter. Kudos to him on the consistency.

First, he makes Deputy Gelhaus the real, true victim in this tragedy. Next, he minimizes violence against people of color by pointing out that he too has a non-white skin color- pink. Then Mr. Berkheimer goes on to question what kind of community allows kids with toy guns to play in the street. Um, most U.S. communities? For decades? Because we live in a society that worships guns? Hello? He even manages to bring in a Hitler allusion to the letter writers hes berating. How original!

Mr. Berkheimer then throws out a red herring by insinuating that no one can double guess a police officer if theyve never actually been a police officer. Im assuming the same goes for anyone second guessing teachers, used car salesmen, dentists, etc. You have no right to say anything if youve never walked a day in their shoes either, right?

In a final, magnanimous, comment, he claims he doesnt blame Andy Lopezs parents for the teenagers death. But then Mr. Berkheimer turns around and asks who let Andy out with a toy gun. Oh, so the Lopezs are indeed to blame for their sons death. Got it. Because at no time in the course of human history have teenage boys ever ignored their parents warnings.

Then the letter finally implores us to let Andy, Erick and Sonoma County rest. Yes, because this tragedy has affected all equally, even though only one of them is buried six feet under the ground. What he really means is that hes tired of hearing about the death of the Mexican kid, and he wants Gelhaus left alone. You know, the REAL victim in this tragedy.

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Posted by Laura Gonzalez on 06/02/2017 at 12:29 PM

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