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Re: “Exodus

The best thing for Sonoma County is for large scale commercial pot cultivation to go someplace else, like Dave. Commercial scale pot production is not amenable to our rural county, is not farming, takes many, many more times the labor which creates a problem on narrow rural roads and noise, etc. for neighbors, uses much more electricity and water as our agricultural crops and creates a very real hazard to neighbors. Ask the 12 people murdered at Sonoma pot grows and the 22 homes invaded. Smoke em if you got em, grow your own is fine, small cottage grows are fine, but commercial production is best suited for industrial areas and, frankly, other counties. Napa and Marin got it right. Sonomas's leadership under the influence of Big Canna, or worse.

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Posted by jim bracco on 09/19/2018 at 9:43 PM

Re: “Letters to the Editor: September 5, 2018

Good analysis on racism. Your 5th grade teacher must be proud. Obviously you haven't had the lesson about not generalizing about people (ie: white and mature people) yet. I won't hold my breath as I know that lesson isn't taught any more.

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Posted by jim bracco on 09/07/2018 at 1:16 PM

Re: “High Hats

Another shoddy, slanted piece by the Bohemian. No wonder your reviews are so poor.

For starters, the name of the group opposing commercial pot operations in residential areas is Save Our Sonoma Neighborhoods, not Save our Sonoma County Neighbors.
So good journalism there, nice that you bothered to get the name right. Obviously you didnt talk to any members. And we are not the neighbors or the neighbor camp. You can use SOSN as an abbreviation.

The Board voted against exclusion zones, they didnt enact them. (This after their own committee recommended them and 3 Supervisors previously were favorable.)
Were you even there?

We have had 7 home invasions and 10 murders at sonoma pot grows in past 3 years.
We had another shooting at a legal grow last week, with an attempted murder. The myth that legalization leads to less crime has been debunked. Colorado has had 11 pot related homicides since legalization. How is that working?

Here are 3 articles showing that legalization does not reduce crime:




As to your statement that neighbors camp cited perceived threats to safety. Are you for real? How many have to die, how many women and children need to get tied up and pistol whipped before you stop calling safety issue perceived? 15? 20? What's your number?

Here are some other cases of "perceived" violence at pot grows.

Pot growers invaded this persons land, tell them it's cool, only their perception.


These people are surrounded by growers and their story is harrowing. Tell them they have a perception issue.


These people have to endure a pot grow 20 feet away. Good that they are just perceiving it or it would really suck.


These people can no longer use their outdoors, have barbeques. Because of a winery? Guess again.


These people lost their life savings. Because of perception? Nope. Guess again.


This family lost $100,000 in property value when a grow moved in. Maybe they just perceived the loss?


These people are deluged with noxious environmental stench from a grow not even that close. I should say perceived stench. I suppose it actually smells like roses over there.


Posted by jim bracco on 08/18/2018 at 12:39 AM

Re: “No Pot on Purvine

Very disingenuous piece, shows your true colors.

SOS Neighborhoods is not about personal grows or small cottage grows and if you had done even a few minutes of research you would know that. Its about large commercial grows in residential areas.

Its not about residents saying they would like to grow more pot, for their aches and pains.

SOSN is not prohibitionist, thats a blatant mischaracterization.

Alexa Rae Wall would like something positive to say about cannabis in Sonoma County? How about this: 9 of the last 11 murders in the county took place at pot grows or locations mistaken for pot grows. Heres another, 5 families had their homes invaded by criminals looking for pot and cash. Women and children were pistol whipped and tied up in those cases. Are these examples of old bugaboos about marijuana that you refer to? This happened in the past few months, BTW.

Declining property values, stress on wells and electrical grid, tall fences with security guards, cameras, lighting and 24 hour operations on rural back roads may be bugaboos to this journalist but they are real concerns for rural residents faced with commercial pot grows outside their doors and suspicious characters driving on their back roads at all hours.

Undermines civil order? Not sure where you got that from. Is a home invasion and murder against civil order?

And the ridiculousness continues, Pot supporters say the signs are ugly. Seriously? The pot supporters are concerned about ugly? You want to see ugly? Go take a look at a commercial pot grow. Do a web search for "pot grows environmental damage" and you will see some ugly. I know, all those operators that are destroying our national parks and forests suddenly become organic and pure as the driven snow in their practices when they go legal. End sarcasm.

Calling SOSN NIMBYS is one of the lamest examples of lazy, biased journalism that this rag has regurgitated on the citizens of Sonoma County.

One of our members, Sam, in rural Healdsburg had 2 commercial grows move in next to him. His property is not suitable for growing so it basically became worthless. Who wants to buy a home surrounded by pot farms? So Sam's investment in Sonoma County is lost. Is Sam a NIMBY? Are others who don't want to see their life savings diminished NIMBYS? Am I a NIMBY because I would rather not have someone mistake my house for the pot farm proposed next door and smash my door down and threaten my family?

Another member is unable to hold family gatherings in their house any more due to the stench from the pot farm next door to them. NIMBYS I suppose.


This story highlights the environmental concerns of a family in Two Rock. Just some NIMBYS.


This story tells how a member in Penngrove lost the use of their back yard. More NIMBYS?


Wine and weed are both connected to the earth and both are fighting accusations that they violate the land Is that supposed to be profound? So youre not only a lazy, biased journalist, your writing is also quite lame.

What does wine growing have to do with the issue of pot growing? Cant we take on commercial pot farms in our neighborhoods without having to justify the mess of winery over-proliferation? Yes its a mess. Yes pot is worse.

Re: your comments about the CAG, this story highlights the conflicts of interest in that body:


Re: water consumption and environmental impact of pot grows, this story has some basic facts. I point this out because its obvious you didnt bother to read our web site before printing your little trash piece.


SOSN Member

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Posted by jim bracco on 05/18/2018 at 4:19 PM

Re: “Flag Waiving

Dixon Wagg, I’ll stand behind my first response to your letter and let your other arguments find enjoyment among your fellow Zinn educated, Bohemian friends.

You show contempt for the ultimate sacrifice others paid to give you the right to do so and you haven’t the wit to recognize the irony.
Debate provides no path for you to crawl out from the stinking hole of that position.
Thank you for recognizing it as an ad hominem attack. I stand behind that too.

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Posted by jim bracco on 09/07/2015 at 4:02 AM

Re: “Flag Waiving

Dixon Wragg, thanks for showing you're not just a hypocritical ingrate, you're also delusional.
I suggest Guatemala, they have good weed.

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Posted by jim bracco on 09/04/2015 at 1:45 PM

Re: “Flag Waiving

I have a suggestion: don’t stop at not saluting. Take it up a notch to show you really mean it: Pack your duffle bag and move your ass to the first country you find that has brought more freedom, liberty, peace and prosperity to the world.

The notion that Sitting Bull should replace Washington on Mount Rushmore is absurd.
The Indians weren’t brutal? They didn’t kill or take over other nations or own slaves? Pure pablum.

The greatness of America lies not in our innocence, but in our ability to surmount
our deficits and advance toward our ideals.

To that end 38 million Americans gave their lives to end slavery and genocide and fight
fascism and communism so you could sit in your house in Cotati and smoke weed and
write letters about how horrible the US is.

You can salute them.

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Posted by jim bracco on 07/22/2015 at 1:12 AM

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