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Letters to the Editor: April 20, 2016 

Some nice praise, a stern directive and a lament for the 'Nintendo No-Friendo' Generation


Praise for Fulton

Excellent article ("A New Purpose," April 13). Thank you for your neat perspective on a place that is putting Fulton on the map through the work and amazing talent of local Sonoma County artists.


An amazing endeavor brought to completion with inspiration and hard work. I so very much enjoy the simple yet sophisticated ambiance. The artwork is wonderful, and the furnishings are by far the best selections I have ever seen in Sonoma County.


Start the Presses

The press in California must write editorials explaining the primary voting requirements. Nearly half a million people are registered with the George Wallace–initiated American Independent Party, most probably falsely thinking it was an "independent" declaration.

The fault lies with California. The solution lies with the press to expose this mistaken belief of registration. Urge people to check their registration and inform people of the rules by which Democrats and Republicans allow voters to participate in the primaries. This must be done immediately, as voting is in such shambles across the country, and now it appears to be so in California as well.

Santa Rosa

Go Outside and Play

As a parent of three, I am feeling an overwhelming responsibility to send each of my children into the world with all of my knowledge from my varied experiences. I'm sure this is a common sentiment. As a species, this is instinctual (or at least it should be). It's quite a task, not only to gather and articulate this knowledge, but to impart it in such a way as to have an impact. Surely each being needs to accumulate his or her own experiences to truly learn what it means to be human, to be on this planet, to be conscious. But I can't shake off the lack of tangible, physical experiences the new generations are missing. It's happening faster than ever before.

Certainly people still know what it's like to go outside, hike, bike, go out to eat, shop, go to a movie. But all of these things are quickly becoming something we do inside, in front of a screen, alone. I can't help but think of the frog in the pot of water that slowly comes to a boil. What is this dependency on this new technology going to bring?

It's clear that communication and access to information is unprecedented. And yet I can't help but think that even with all of the opportunity this technology affords us, we are losing something. Perhaps I'm becoming the older generation that scoffs at the new. But what happens, though, when the power goes out? For a whole day? For a week? For good? We need to nurture our relationships, strengthen our bonds and learn how to rub two sticks together to make fire. Let's go outside.


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