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Letters to the Editor: August 19, 2015 

In which Tom Gogola learns that the War of Northern Aggression has ended at last


Minimal Wages

Right now, the minimum wage is a joke ("For a Few Dollar More," July 12). Hats off to Marin County, S.F. and the other communities that are doing the right thing! Unbelievable that homecare workers are still getting shut out. Thank you for an intelligent, informative article on what's going on locally.


What an asinine article. You obviously have no understanding of economics. You get paid for what you are worth, not what you want. Your worth is based on your skills and education. That being said, the piece de resistance: "Confederate state of Alabama." You do realize that there hasn't been a Confederate state in 150 years? Unless, of course, you are granting the right of secession to Alabama. If so, please confer the same right to the other 12 states of the former Confederacy.


Unfortunately, we are not paid what we're worth; we're paid the smallest amount people can get away with. Every 17 cents Sonoma pays IHSS homecare workers is matched by 33 cents from the state and 50 cents by the feds. That's an extra 83 cents that comes into the county that doesn't cost a dime. And that money is not going to be socked away in anyone's 401(k). It is going to pay for goods, services and housing. Now that's good economics!


Clean Power

Bohemian, do your research before you praise Sonoma Clean Power and believe their numbers ("Charging Ahead," Aug. 12). Mr. Sypher's Sonoma Clean Power isn't as green as they say they are, very sad to say. And they are fighting tooth and nail against a transparency law that would expose them: AB 1110.

I work in the energy industry, but you don't need to be an insider to see the truth. Read this PD editorial shaming SCP for lack of transparency on AB 1110: Marin Clean Energy and LEAN Energy both dropped their resistance, as their alliance with Shell's sneaky accounting was finally going public. They're preparing for the inevitable forced transparency, going greener than they currently are, as they want to retain customers. The bottom line is that businesses and homes with low-carbon goals who thought Sonoma Clean Power was going to do all the work for them may be, unfortunately, mistaken.


Crazy Constitutionalists

Is this officer of the law ("Cops on Film," Aug. 12), who was required to swear an oath to uphold the Constitution, insinuating that it is a bad thing for an American citizen to support the Constitution, or that such a person would be a "crazy guy"?


"The people are the rightful masters of both Congresses and courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution."—Abraham Lincoln


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