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Letters to the Editor: August 28, 2013 

Letters to the Editor: August 28, 2013

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Twelve Bars & the Truth

Great to know the blues are alive and well in Sonoma County ("Rebirthing the Blues," Aug. 21). I run the Tuesday Bluesday Jam every other Tuesday night at Aubergine in Sebastopol, and Levi Lloyd runs it on the alternate Tuesdays. So every Tuesday night there are some rippin' blues happening at Aubergine, featuring some of the best local players.

Here's to the blues!



Gabe, Secular Humanist Fundie, Evolutionist kool-aid drinker . . . . . get real and step up to the mic . . . . . "sound and fury signifying nothing," say the Darwinists when their epistemic hands are cuffed, there is no there, there, nada, no thing, nothing ("Parental Advisory," Aug. 14). Let's go back to Phil 101, without an objective standard, God, you have nothing to rail against. Shut your bohemian piehole up and cry out for God's grace to have mercy on you if He should so ordain such a great feat. Otherwise, continue your pathetic railing against all true Truth and incur the just-deserved wrath that has been part of your DNA matrix from a little baby boy.

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Hotel Not the Problem

People will be winetasting regardless of a new hotel. ("Ban the Boutique," Aug. 21). People will also be going to bars regardless of a new hotel. People will also be going to tasting rooms regardless of a new hotel.

People need to not drink and drive. Sebastopol lost its small-town charm years ago. Sebastopol has more wine grapes being planted, and tasting rooms are everywhere. I think this is not worth fighting against. The owner of French Garden is a responsible, involved member of the Sebastopol community.


Nuisance Houses

How does Sonoma County feel about "nightly rentals" / nuisance boarding houses springing up in many residentially zoned neighborhoods? The activity compromises cohesive and familial surroundings, neighbor accountability, etc., when most towns have adequate accommodations in commercial areas. Inherent noise at all hours, traffic, internet clients, etc. Very disconcerting. Compromises our quaint Sonoma County neighborhoods.


Mothers & Addiction

I commend Karla Garrison for her courage in making public the thoughts and feelings of moms dealing with the pain and horrors of addiction ("Save Yourself," Aug. 14). Her message of recovery is one that needs to be heard. Two resources to help in regaining one's own life and working on recovery for oneself are Nar-Anon and the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). Nar-Anon is a 12-step meeting which supports families dealing with drug addiction. Meets every Wednesday in Sebastopol from 4pm to 5pm at the Community Church. NAMI offers a dual-diagnosis support group for families dealing with a loved one with drug addiction and mental illness, which meets the second Monday of each month from 4pm 6pm at the Sonoma County Mental Health clinic on Chanate Road in Santa Rosa. Over 60 percent of addicts are also coping with mental health issues. While recovery is possible, I believe that support is essential on the difficult and challenging journey.


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