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Letters to the Editor: Feb 22, 2012 

Way to Go, Mike

In regards to pastry chefs ("Just Desserts," Feb. 15), a local Sonoman, Mike Zakowski, has been chosen to represent the U.S.A. at the Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie in March 2012, which is an honor and a huge feat.


Basic Courtesy

While I may agree with the final suggestion in Barbara Stepka's Open Mic ("Saying 'Sorry," Feb. 15)—namely, that "there are a lot of other people out there who really need to say it much more often . . . and mean it . . . and act on it. Hint: can you spell l-e-g-i-s-l-a-t-o-r-s?"—I think she misses the value of courtesy in our post-nice times. Like Champagne, you can have too much, but you can never have enough.

Santa Rosa

Scary 'Foreign' Groups, Oh No

I would rather live in a "Post Sustainable World" any day than to live with this "sustainable" crap ("Hidden Agenda," June 15). I'll tell you what a post-sustainable world would look like. It would look like what we had in the '40s, '50s, and '60s—when the U.S. had one of the strongest industries in the world. We had more jobs and more local production than any other country.

Other countries, the "sustainable" types, were impoverished, and that is why we have so many people flocking here from those places. They came here for a reason—to get away from that type of restricted living. Now we are subjected to the same "sustained" or "restricted" living with huge job losses due to our industries being shipped overseas by the same corporations that are pushing this "smart growth" on an uninformed society they helped create.

The fact that we have an international group making plans and decisions for how the United States is supposed to be run—doesn't this sound off any alarm bells to you? I repeat, an international group—that means "foreign," not domestic—interfering with our national policies, implementing laws in our government. Well, if you don't know, it is unconstitutional on principle alone.

Please do some research on history, and see what it took to gain our independence and from whom. I have nothing against protecting natural resources and finding ways to lessen pollution, but not like this.

Via online

Don't Punish the Women

Unplanned pregnancies result from unplanned sex. When will we change the conversation to include our men? Instead of arguing about restricting women's reproductive health, why not have a discussion about regulating men's sexual behaviors, and our failure to punish crimes against women and children? Abuses ignored do not fade, they flourish. We are all witness to this tendency with regard to rape in the military and child abuse in the Catholic church.

It's time to try a different approach.

Santa Cruz

In the Water

Thank you for your article ("Natural Riches," Feb. 8) concerning restoring our aquifers. However, the actual name of the brochure mentioned is "Slow it. Spread it. Sink it!" This phrase was first coined by Brock Dolman, director of the WATER Institute at the Occidental Arts and Ecology Center and is a motto to prompt us to remember how nature actually works through lagunas, swamps and other wetlands to maintain healthy aquifers, rather than how we have "engineered" our landscapes to waste much of the water resulting in depleted aquifers, erosion and damaged riparian environments.

Occidental Arts & Ecology Center

Built to Spill Contest Winner!

Congratulations to Thomas Gonzalez, whose lovably bizarre version of "Carry the Zero" has won our contest. Gonzalez wins two tickets to see Built to Spill at the Uptown Theatre on Feb. 25, and his cover can be heard, along with the other contest finalists, at

Occupied with What Other Persons Are Occupied with and Vice Versa

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