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Letters to the Editor: Jan. 25, 2012 

Power of Transformation

I've been going to Phas3 Martial Arts since January 2011 ("Sock! Bam! Pow!" Jan. 18). The place truly is transformative. They work you hard but are the nicest people, both students and teachers. It's an incredible workout mixed with learning and inspiration. I'm a 44-year-old father of three, and it's been a great release for stress and helped me with my business and family life.

Sonoma County

The Lucy Stone League Rides Again

I'm thinking about name changes a lot right now ("The Feminist Wife," Jan. 18). I live with Hans Eriksson and 10-month-old Freja Eriksson, and I'm Kristen Miller. I feel a little left out, but I like my name, and Kristen Eriksson just sounds and looks odd to me. I know of quite a few Swedes who have created their own new last name or taken a different family name. My sister-in-law and her husband are now Wunderlich. It is a maternal grandmother's name that was never carried on. She was an amazing woman and he wanted to keep the Wunderlich name alive. At the end of the day, though, a name is just a name, right? But it's so much more!

Great article, Reena!


What's in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, so Reena Burton would if she were not Reena Burton called. That said, your name belongs to you, and it has to be your choice. I took my husband's last name as a symbol that a part of him is also a part of me. My name will always be Zura and I am forever Young, even though I have joined up with the Johnson clan.


Common Good

Nice article ("Uprising!" Jan. 18) Albino! has so much going; I love the band, especially the dancing! But for things to really change a lot needs to happen, hopefully for the good of us humans and the world as a whole.


Business as Usual

I am aghast at the incompetence and railroading of the pro-business community in Sebastopol for the CVS / Chase development on the old Pellini property. How shortsighted that an EIR is not being required for what will surely be a glut of traffic at an already clogged entrance to town. How foolish that small "Sebastopol-friendly" promises of pedestrian walkways and rain gardens are somehow seen as saviors of this overall imposing, corporate-friendly project.

How sad that Sebastopol is ready to welcome with open arms Chase Bank, a key player in the financial meltdown, and CVS, which bought Longs Drugs and quickly ruined everything good about the Bay Area institution.

Isn't the council considering the proposed Barlow center right across the street, which will bring even more bumper-to-bumper traffic? It won't be long until we start seeing that familiar bumper sticker from the '90s: "Three Lanes All the Way." But this time, it will be for Highway 12.


A Confederacy of Dunces

Here's some uplifting debate dialogue from the Republican statesmen wanting to be our president: "You're a liar . . . Am not . . . Am too. Your husband/wife is a doofus . . . Is not . . . Is too. You're gay . . . Am not . . . Am too. You took dirty money. Did not . . . Did too. Like blondes . . . Do not . . . Do too . . . Didn't matter. You flip and flop. Did not . . . Did too . . . Maybe once. You want higher taxes . . . Do not . . . Do too . . . Only more or less than you. Legalize pot . . . Will not . . . Will too. Trust me . . . Cannot . . . Can too. Jerry Springer or Donald Trump for your vice president . . . May do . . . Me too."


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