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Letters to the Editor: January 27, 2016 harmful!


Smile for the Camera

So great to see things like Studio Space Santa Rosa ("Picturesque," Jan. 20) popping up in Sonoma County. Loving their efforts to support the arts and culture that make S.R. so special.

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Losing Her Religion

Denise Dubois lost "her fear" by totally losing her own identity and joining "the other" ("Learn and Lose the Fear," Jan. 20). How nice and progressive.

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Some pundits call it strategy, but Elizabeth Warren may be having a crisis of conscience. Behold—the greatest evidence of the "progressive" impotence of a Democratic Party still caressing the special interest of preserving its establishment's status quo. Exciting times nonetheless. Give em hell, ol' Bern!


Less Is More

Regarding "Into the Woods" at Spreckels ("Encore," Jan. 13) and Mr. Templeton's remark that "some of the effects may leave you underwhelmed": Bravo to Kim Bromley's sense of staging! The first thing I said to my two daughters after the lights came up was how wonderfully minimal the staging was. To me, that's the mark of really good theater. You want overwhelming effects? How about how well the actors are miked at Spreckels. By the way, do the performers have to sign waivers at Spreckels? No footlights, nothing between them and that gaping entryway to the underworld, the Spreckels orchestra pit. Talk about a deep theater critique, each performance has an element of Cirque du Soleil daredevilism!

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It was interesting to read that there is a new "-atarian" in town, the climatarian.  ("The Climate Menu," Jan. 13). The growing awareness of the impact of our food choices on the planet is encouraging, but this article only takes us half way across the road of climate disaster.

While it's true that beef and dairy contribute significantly to climate change, when compared to plant foods, pork and chicken are extremely harmful as well. If everyone in the country skipped one serving of chicken per week, the carbon dioxide savings would be the equivalent of taking more than half a million cars off our roads. Don't just switch from beef to pork or chicken; get the slaughterhouse out of your kitchen and choose a carbon-friendly, compassionate vegan diet.


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