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Letters to the Editor: July 6, 2016 

What else rhymes with 'Hillary'?


Counting Votes

Regarding Kirk Weir's letter (June 29) that says "every Democrat" voted against the two bills: Please note that not every Democratic senator voted against the two weak Republican bills offered in the Senate. Joe Manchin and Joe Donnelly, both Democrats, backed John Cornyn's proposal that would still allow a terrorist to buy a gun after a scant 72-hour waiting period. Three Republicans voted against the bill. Not a clever or craven response on my part, just a true one. Also, and more to the point, their votes did count, so they are important. Finally, I can only assume the writer is focused on the two Republican bills concerning gun legislation, as it is not mentioned in the letter. I'll patiently and politely wait for a fact-based response.

San Rafael

Bernie for Hillary

If Bernie Sanders says he's voting for Clinton, I would think that it would be an acceptable—and recommended—path for his followers.


It Ain't Over

How can you publish Casey Dobbert's story ("Feminist Fatale," June 29) stating that the presidential race is down to Trump and Shillary? Sonoma County only started counting mail-in and provisional ballots June 30. California's primary will not be certified until July 8, and even then there may be election fraud left to discover and resolve. Please be different from mainstream media and give Bernie a chance.


Equally Unfit

Hillary is certainly the equal of many men that have been president—such as Tricky Dick Nixon. Hillary's lack of fitness for the presidency comes from the fact that she is not the equal of any of the good women who would have well served in the highest office in the land or any other position of trust and responsibility. And let us be fair-minded in recognizing that Hillary is as equally unfit as men all too often have been in any position.


Dept. of Corrections

In "Bench Mark" (June 29), we got County Bench Kitchen and Bar chef Bruce Frieseke's name wrong. He is also the pastry chef. We regret the error.

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