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Letters to the Editor: June 14, 2016 

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Tar Maybe

This article ("Crude Awakening," June 8) reveals yet another reason for electing environmentalist Noreen Evans as the 5th District supervisor. She would be more able to stand up to Big Oil and its damage to the environment, including the climate, as well as to Big Wine. It is our habitat that provides jobs, not the corporations that rape nature.


We Dig Noreen

With a weak coastal commission and a big-business-dominated Sonoma County Board of Supervisors, Noreen Evans will help effectively push back Big Oil and Big Wine and Big Real Estate. Take back our coast and save our environment.


Congratulations to Noreen Evans for holding her own against the big-money gravel, farming and wine interests. Now she must publicize the disconnect between Lynda Hopkins' PR and her support. Between now and November, Hopkins should own up to who her financial backers are and whether she endorses their political stance. I'm assuming that they aren't supporting her because she digs carrots.


Demon Alcohol

About the two young adults at Stanford University who got drunk: one became unconscious and the other became a predator, half-human/half-animal. In this case, it is too late to point to the famous alcoholic author of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. He exemplified schizophrenia. Dr. Jekyll did not know Mr. Hyde. Alcohol can do that. So, along with punishing the boy, and/or the girl, point the finger at demon alcohol. Lets get people to drink responsibly or not at all.

Santa Rosa

Ounce of Prevention

Thank you for Tom Gogola's important article on the treatment of inmates at our county jail, who are suffering from drug addiction and/or mental illness ("Silent Treatment," May 25). Also, thank you for his follow-up article "Life Behind Bars" (Debriefer, June 1).

Regretfully, neither Mr. Gogola nor any letters from readers mention any preventative measures to help people before they become drug abusers or develop a history of acting out. I've lived mostly in this county since I was a psychology student at SSU in 1976. I work as a self-employed masseuse and professional sex-surrogate partner. I have always offered discounts and free consultations.

I have proposed for decades that all licensed mental-health professionals be given a small tax incentive to donate a few hours weekly to our county, so as to provide free services to the public. There's an old saying: "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Think of the monetary advantages for all of our social/mental-health-improvement programs.


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