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Letters to the Editor: March 20, 2013 

Letters to the Editor: March 20, 2013

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This Modern Defense

Thank you for defending Tom Tomorrow from the likes of Jonathan Zwart and, especially, Drew Lewis (Letters to the Editor, March 13). Personally, I don't often read This Modern World, but I respect the right of readers who do. I just don't respect the cranky, censorious ones who don't and who wish that Tomorrow's strip had no tomorrow. Besides being truly annoying, selfish and unpleasant people, the Looney Tunes–ish ones who seem to think the Second Amendment was written by God Himself are truly scary. It was a pleasure to read Mr. Lewis being put in his place so powerfully.

Fitting, wasn't it, that his little hissy kvetch ran on the very day the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to ban 150 different kinds of assault weapons? Sen. Dianne Feinstein also had to put up with shit from Sen. Ted Cruz, a GOP freshman, but she too masterfully put the little pischer in his place. Thankfully, not a gun was fired in either case.


I love Tom Tomorrow. The strip is one of the reasons I pick up the Bohemian. Can the county add a sense of irony with the fluoride?


Down the Pipe

I am writing to urge readers to take action against the Keystone Pipeline. If this pipeline is installed, the environment will be seriously harmed. The pipeline would disrupt habits throughout America and Canada, as well as transporting the dirtiest fossil fuel on the planet, tar sands.

Our president needs to know that we oppose this pipeline. Add your voice to hundreds of others at Thank you, and let's make our voices heard.


No-Star Review

Regarding the article about Mackenzie Bezos, the wife of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, appearing at Copperfield's Books ("Goliath Meets David," March 13): the name Amazon was stolen from Amazon Bookstore, a feminist bookstore founded in 1970 in Minneapolis, Minn. In 1999, the Amazon Bookstore for-profit collective sued Jeff Bezos for trademark infringement, plus staff time and money lost due to customers and suppliers mistaking their store for the web retailer.

Jeff Bezos stole the Amazon name and encouraged his lawyers to interrogate a store co-owner, while she was under oath, about her sexual orientation and that of her staff! Mackenzie Bezos typed a trite book about four women. I want to know how she feels about the women whose lives and livelihood she helped trample. I also want to know how Paul Jaffe and Barney Brown would feel about a corporation selling books using Copperfield's. I think these are important musings for small independent bookstore owners and their customers, wouldn't you agree?


Margaret's Morality

I am thankful for Richard von Busack's review of Margaret, which turned me on to this thought-provoking film. However, I disagree with the writer's interpretation of the story. This film is not about the protagonist's moral awakening. Rather, it is about her discovery of the lack of morality all around her. From the bus driver who doesn't take responsibility for running over a pedestrian; to the distant relative of the deceased who eagerly profits from the death; to the protagonist's young lover who doesn't use a condom when she asks him to; to her teacher who fails to resist her advances, and then doesn't bat an eyelash when she says she has had an abortion; to her father who lacks any backbone and fails to take a part in the lives of his children . . .

All around her, the teenage protoganist discovers a vacuum where morality should be. Her mother knew about the reigning absence of morality all along and rarely dated, and, when someone expressed an interest in her, she was very slow to trust. Finally, the daughter finds herself at her mother's side, ultimately realizing that there may only be one or two people in her world truly deserving of her faith.


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