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Letters to the Editor: Nov. 11, 2015 

Of wine, sarcasm and crimes.

Vote Yes and No

I moved to Sonoma County in 1977 to attend Sonoma State University. Driving north on 101 on a Sunday, there were just a few other cars on the road. I recall the prune and apple orchards, the primroses covering the fences in quiet, rural neighborhoods. My adult life has been lived here, and I care deeply for the land and the progressive lifestyle. I have also enjoyed the wine country lifestyle. My daughter and friends work in the wine industry, but now I am in a moral quandary. In your Sept. 2 issue ("Coho vs. Pinot"), I read that in April of 2008, winegrape growers diverted 30 percent of the Russian River's flow in Mendocino county alone and 25,782 steelhead trout died—fish that are our bounty, that feed animals and people, that are an essential part of the food chain. Is every glass of wine I drink a death sentence for something?

I vote no to a wine event center in Sebastopol. I vote no to wine event centers on coastal Highway 1. I vote no to using water for frost prevention. I vote yes to a county mandate that wineries must use sustainable practices.


Here's to Sarcasm

Props to one John Hudson (Letters, Nov. 4) who, like the many who came before, reminded me it is the letters to the Bohemian which make me want to rise and shine each morning and keep on going in this ridiculous thing called life. Here's to you, Johnny Boy, for keeping a sharp eye out for the rest of us, although I was under the impression that it was the act of fornicating that accounted for the growth of our population. But perhaps it is I who is the misinformed one. Oh, well.


You're Out

If corporations are considered people and many people are in jail for life under "three strikes" legislation, then why aren't corporations that have committed multiple crimes not subject to the same "three strikes" laws? They seem to be "people" only when it's convenient for them, as in the Citizens United decision, which allows corporations to give huge amounts of money to candidates because the Supreme Court has declared that "money giving" is the right of free speech. Now it's one dollar, one vote, and no longer one person, one vote.

It's similar to those who oppose big government unless it serves to restrict abortions, amass/use weaponry or provide money for bailouts.


Lock Him Up

Enough! Why is only state law, rather than local regulations, mentioned ("Busted Again," Nov. 4)? Here in Sonoma County, we are limited to a total of 30 plants per prescription, not to exceed 100 square feet of canopy. State law is irrelevant to this discussion.

As someone who has been in this industry since long before Proposition 215, from what I know of the current state of the industry, I hope Joe Munson gets a felony conviction and is banned from the industry for good. I'm tired of the greedy cloaking themselves as do-gooders.


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