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Letters to the Editor: October 11, 2017 

'I have more questions than answers'


Don't Forget

My heartfelt thanks to the Bohemian for printing E. G. Singer's thoughtful comments about the Vietnam War documentary (Open Mic, Oct. 4). I couldn't agree more. After watching it, I have more questions than answers, and that's a good thing because asking informed questions can lead to healing conversations. If you have veterans in your life who served in Vietnam, consider asking them, "What are some things about your experience that you wish people could understand?" If you have '60s-era anti-war demonstrators in your life, consider asking them, "What are some of the things you feel you were able to accomplish?" If you have Vietnamese friends or family who lived through the war, consider asking them, "What was it like to witness so much conflict and chaos and still survive?" And if you have any '60s-era politicians in your life, consider asking them, "What is it like to see how your power affected so many lives?"

I'm left with many questions about the anti-war movement. Even after learning about the massacre of civilian lives at My Lai, I still don't get how the shift from passionate pleas of "Bring Our Boys Home" to the hatred of yelling, "Baby killers" at these same boys (and girls) happened? Can you imagine the damage it would do to you if you came home from a war you were drafted into and had to face that level of total rejection, already feeling wounded, confused, misled and full of grief?

I feel a deep sense of gratitude to all those who survived such turbulent times. For those who managed to work through your personal demons and find some sense of peace, you have made your families, our country and maybe even the world better as a result.

Santa Rosa

It's Up To Us

I am very concerned about the increased jet-traffic noise in Sonoma County. I see subdivisions being built without the infrastructure to support increased growth. I am dismayed that the board of supervisors approved enlarging the Sonoma County airport terminal to accommodate more air travel. In my opinion, the county government is in the devil's pocket.

What happened to individual responsibility to lessen your carbon footprint? I know it is going to be hard to change from the use of fossil fuels. There is little to no government support. It is up to the individual to stay more local, invest in alternate vehicles and change ways to reduce the use of fossil fuels. Do you really want to see the shit hit the fan?

Santa Rosa

Shame Game

And shame on you, Kevin (Rhapsodies, Oct. 4), for taking such a narrow approach to an issue that simply reflects what happens when we blame others for our problems. You could just as easily be describing our government and the entities that control it, as well as many departments of law enforcement around the country.

Until we find our way to end the wars going on in our own heads and hearts, we will always be plagued by "outside" enemies. This "us vs. them" paradigm has run its course. It has done zip to improve the human condition overall. Simple observation bears this out. The only difference between the past and now is the technology to mess with each other, and then inform us of it all. Doesn't take much to see the folly of that if we continue to put our attention on all the world's "evils." Endless war.


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