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Letters to the Editor: October 28, 2015 

Hugs from tree-huggers; put your blowers down; put the money toward roads


The Redwood Empire

Save the big trees and selectively harvest the smaller trees ("Forest for the Trees," Oct. 21), so the big trees can grow bigger.

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Thank you for this in-depth look at this important issue. Very interesting and informative.

Embrace the Natural Way

As we have been told by our arborist, if people did not blow the leaves off, the ground would not become rock-hard and unhealthy for our native trees (Debriefer, Oct. 21). This would also help stop the spread of sudden oak death, by keeping the trees healthier.

I am 64 years old and weigh 107 pounds. I sweep the leaves out of our driveway and off the street in front of our house and place them under the oak trees on a regular basis. So I do not buy into this "We must have our leaf blowers as a necessary landscape tool, or our world will fall apart, our property values will plummet if we cannot keep our yards devoid of all naturally occurring elements" litany in favor of leaf blowers. Maybe it is time to embrace our natural world, and contribute to its health and be just a bit less tidy without our leaf blowers.

Boyes Hot Springs

Fix Our Roads

Soon, rains will come again to Sonoma County. How will our roads fare? I can tell you that the roads I drive to work are terrible in places like Frei Road in Graton. For decades, our previous supervisors have kicked the can down the road in response to funding needs for our bridges and roads. I fully understand that we do not get much from the state returned to us from gas taxes. We need to help ourselves.

Spending the money now is going to save us 10 times the amount later, should the roads need complete rebuilding. The board of supervisors said in June they were committed to fixing our roads. The voters said they did not want to fix them with Measure A, but they want the supervisors to fix them. So get to work and find more dollars from the increased property taxes we are seeing, additional funds from the many tourists who come here and additional dollars from the reserves and emergency set-asides.

Santa Rosa

Dept. of Corrections

In "Forest for the Trees," the story mistakenly said Chris Poehlmann had developed his live termite colonies for the California Academy of Sciences. He developed them for a different museum. Also, the story neglected to note Poehlmann had the colonies in his car because he was mailing them to people who had ordered them. The online version has been corrected.

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