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Letters to the Editor: October 6, 2015 

RP police in their rights; McKenna Faith in her prime; VW in the wrong


Open Door

There seems to be one thing missing in this continuing story of a parolee who is staying at his parents' house ("Back Door Men," Sept. 30), and that is that nobody's talked about search and seizure. In the state of California, those on felony parole or probation accept the terms of search and seizure as a condition of their eligibility for parole or probation. That means the police can search them and any vehicles they occupy. The police can also search wherever they're living, whether the residence belongs to them, a friend or a family member. If a parolee is staying there, that house is allowed to be searched any time without notice.

To me it seems convenient for the parents that they forgot to mention that part of it. They knew exactly what they were doing when they let their son stay in their house on parole. They had no right to tell the cops they couldn't come in and search for their son. I'm surprised the cops haven't charged the parents with obstruction.

Rohnert Park

Searchable probation means police can come search any time they want. Probation is in lieu of jail. Note to family members: If you don't want your house subject to search, don't house a probationer.

Via Facebook

Boot Stomping

Love the sound of Ms. McKenna Faith ("Hats Off," Sept. 30)—her boot-stomping music is what concerts are about. Very talented young lady who is making quite a name, not only locally but across the states. Keep up the good work, li'l miss. Hope to see you in concert soon!


Clean Diesel and Cake

I own a 2012 VW Jetta Sportwagen diesel. I have felt mad and sad, off and on, at the VW CEO's since I heard about the emission scandal, "dieselgate." I'm thinking about changing my license plate to "NOXIOUS." VW cheated, they lied. Their "clean diesels" are like "clean coal": nonexistent. My car pollutes an unacceptable amount, by EPA standards. It's wrong, and I want it fixed. VW cheated in order to entice consumers with exactly what we want: A car that doesn't pollute too much, is affordable and fast.

Honestly, my car is one of many purchases that I have made over the years that was not the most healthy choice for me or for you or for the planet. As often happens when I make a purchase, I am torn. Food: organic or not? Clothing: slave-labor purchase or fair trade? What wage was paid to make this article of clothing? Under what conditions? Can we be conscientious consumers? We cannot simply lay the blame on VW's doorstep, although it's a convenient idea. Really, we are all in it together. We can't have our cake and eat it too.


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