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Letters to the Editor: September 24, 2014 

Gluten-free unlabeled; Tasley omitted; Fork love admitted; "democracy" debated; errors regretted

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An Omission?

Omission beer ("Free Beer," Sept. 17) is more than slightly controversial. Despite the posted test results on the Omission website, the reason that it cannot be labeled gluten-free is because the gluten content cannot be verified; the test they use is not scientifically validated for this type of use. The regulatory agencies (FDA and TTB) have spent quite a bit of time researching the topic before coming to that conclusion. Scientists and doctors recommend that people with celiac disease avoid Omission beer. However, media stories like this one give the impression that it's just a regulatory quirk that it cannot be labeled gluten-free and that it's actually safe for everyone. For more information, visit

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Never Forget Craig Tasley

I enjoyed your timely piece " North Bay Brewers Think Outside the Hops" (Sept. 17), but I suspect Brendan Moylan, too, would be confounded by your omission of (the late) Craig Tasley as cofounder of Larkspur's Marin Brewing Company in 1989.


Fork Roadhouse

I love the food they offer from the truck ("Fork in the Road," Sept. 17). I send all good luck to them at the new spot. It is a great little location. They just need a draw: good food for affordable prices. We will be there when it opens!

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Ring of Steel

The U.S. talks about promoting peace and freedom and democracy, while it's occupying Afghanistan and Iraq and spreading democracy at gunpoint. One Western reporter said, "We haven't brought democracy to Iraq. We've brought blood, killing and death!" Another pointed out that "the United States is bringing 'democracy' to Iraq on the same terms that Russia imposed its mandate on Chechnya, a region which has Iraq's future written in its rubble." Human-rights activists in the Middle East say they can't even use the word "democracy" anymore—it's become a dirty word because of what people have seen going on in Iraq.

Maybe other nations would have a little more respect for the U.S. if they saw it promoting freedom and human rights and democracy among its allies. "Now listen up, you Saudis and Kuwaitis. You need to cut out the beheadings and the amputations, allow women to vote and permit more religious freedom. And you Israelis, you've been occupying Palestinian lands for more than 60 years now and your own Arab citizens are second-class slaves who live in poverty. You need to shape up and allow more human rights! And while you're at it, we think you should get rid of some or all of your hundreds of nukes, because they're a menace to peace in the region!"

There are American troops and bases in 138 countries around the world, and Americans have established bases in 37 of those countries since 9-11. It's an American ring of steel around the world!

Palo Alto

Dept. of Corrections

Because of a reporting error, the story on Waldorf education that ran Aug. 13 ("The Digital Divide") misstated the professional background of two sources in the story.

Jamie Lloyd was a teacher at the Sebastopol Independent Charter School before he came to Summerfield Waldorf School and Farm. He was not, as the article states, an educator at Summerfield. He has been an administrator at Summerfield for the past year.

Will Stapp was previously an administrator at the Live Oak Charter School in Petaluma. He was incorrectly identified as having come to his present post at the Marin Waldorf School from the Novato Charter School.

Also, in the story "Tank to Trough" (Sept. 17), Seth Wood's name was misspelled.

We regret the errors, and have corrected the online versions of these stories.

Quivering in shame

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