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Letters to the Editor: September 27, 2016 

'What the hell are you thinking by supporting this candidate?'



Donald Trump is an obese version of James Dean from the 1955 classic film Rebel Without a Cause. At the heart of Trump's appeal during this presidential race is his authentic childish rage and devil-may-care attitude, but do his supporters really want a sullen teenager with nuclear launch codes at his disposal? The glamour of overt contempt is the flip side of a culture that, perhaps, has gone too far with the "have a nice day" philosophy, but Trump fails miserably in every other respect.

But, with all due respect to Trump supporters, I have to ask: What the hell are you thinking by supporting this candidate? For every sin that Trump commits, for every lie that he spins, the Trumpistas have ready excuses. Trump insults and denigrates blacks, Asians, Jews, Hispanics, Muslims and women. But the pro-Trump folks find this refreshing and dismiss it all as "Trump being Trump."

Trump advocates ignore the fact that Trump stiffed contractors and never even bothered to pay upper-level campaign staff! He doesn't behave in an honorable manner, but I guess that's OK. The corruption at Trump University and the Trump Foundation is met with silence.

Trump insulted John McCain, who almost died as a prisoner of war, and spoke derisively of a Gold Star family who lost their son. He claimed to have donated millions of dollars to veterans organizations, but the money did not arrive until the media looked into it! No problem.

Then there is his abysmal ignorance. Trump wasn't even aware that the Russians invaded the Ukraine! "He'll surround himself with the best minds," earnestly argue the advocates of Trump. So it's OK that he's a dunce.

I've argued with a number of Trump supporters, and they are positively delusional about this guy. There's no getting through to them, even though the future and safety of our country is at stake.


Shaky Ground

Similar to "hoax-posturing" of a certain senator from Oklahoma, the Bohemian has jumped on board with the popular mythology regarding the cause of the recently increased earthquake activity ("Snowballs in Hell," Sept. 14). The preponderance of scientific literature finds that fracking is not causing most of the induced earthquakes. While there may be some relation between fracking and earthquakes, the relation is indirect at best. Research has instead found the culprit to be deep well injection of drilling wastes and byproducts, regardless of the method of extraction.

Santa Rosa

Hopkins No

Mr. Tansil ("Hopkins Yes," Sept. 14) projects many admirable qualities on Lynda Hopkins. However, I cannot convince myself that someone who would bail on the most important job she'll ever have (raising her young children) to pursue political aspirations is a good choice for 5th District supervisor.


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