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Dude. And cialis!

The gay porn story ("Sex in the Suburbs," Feb. 4) truly lacked balance. Viagra? You must be kidding. Missing from the story is the meth, blow and crack. It is a sad day in paradise when adult gay porn is a front-page story and drugs are not mentioned.

Diane Kane

we welcome feedback

We operate a large family resort in Windsor, and having the Bohemian available to our guests is very useful since it usually provides good local information. The Feb. 4 issue was an exception. It actually was an embarrassment. When guests complained about the Sex Issue, we removed the magazine and destroyed all copies.

We hope that you will be more sensitive in the future and not have detailed descriptions of "gay for pay" activities in your magazine.

It is our hope that we will be able to continue to make the Bohemian available to our guests.

Gunter L. Muller, resort manager
WorldMark Windsor

Thanks—You did it for us

I love each week's "Official Newspaper of . . ."

How about making it the Official Newspaper of Riding Down the Middle of the Road, which is a great way to spend an afternoon on a bicycle during this quiet time of year on the beautiful back roads of Sonoma and Marin counties.

Harry Shaw

earth justice

At the recent Sonoma Environmental Film Festival, the audience was inspired to take action after the screening of River of Renewal, a documentary about restoring the Klamath River Basin and the removal of four dams. The removal of the four dams will be the largest removal of dams in our country's history. Audience members pledged to send letters to their representatives in Congress and to the new Secretary of the Interior requesting that the agreement to remove the dams be ratified by the first of June.

As promised, the film's producer wrote a sample letter. It is posted on the festival's home page at You can modify it or send it as is. The address for our new Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar, who was President Obama's choice, is included, as are the addresses for Congress members Barbara Boxer and Mike Thompson.

I ran into Rep. Mike Thompson last weekend, and he was happy to learn that he is in the film—that his interview did not end up on the cutting-room floor!

Justine Ashton
Glen Ellen  

From the 'Stuff We Forgot' Files

Last week found a funny-ha-ha missive informing you of the changes we've made to this here must-read award-winning product (pssst: We killed Movie Times because they are impossible to perfect and added a new Winery Guide, already perfect).

Amid all of the pink-cheeked good cheer of said forced jocularity, the small detail of another stellar editorial addition missed my glazéd gaze: SF Station. is a calendar aggregate that pulls together the best of everything to do in San Francisco. We've heard tell that North Bay residents will occasionally and willingly cross a bridge, and so have teamed up with them to feature several weekly options that you might wish to exercise in your nigh mythic quest to par-tee. Please look for this city-centric wisdom in its own pretty little box in our Music Calendar each week, and prosper.

The Ed.

Can't Go to Antony and the Johnsons at Noisepop Because it's a Tuesday Night at 9:30pm All the Way in San Francisco


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