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Letters to the Editor 


Boom Va-voom

Great story on the Marin missile site ("The Nukes in Our Backyard," Oct 7). I've been meaning for years to get to the first Saturday show. Soon. One thing you didn't include is the enormous cost involved in the useless fortifications all over this area. Your emphasis on the presence of nuclear-tipped missiles was the right one.

Angelo Douvos

San Rafael

Rule of Six

I enjoyed the article describing Supervisor Steve Kinsey's quest for a greener Marin and fully support its content ("Beyond the Trails," Green Zone, Oct. 7). I have some further suggestions:

1. Let's change some building codes and zoning regulation and build homes with cinderblocks reinforced with steel and topped with tile roofs. The advantages are fire resistance; saves trees; no termites; no toxic sprays; less painting; less oil-based polluting tar and gravel roofs or fire-prone asphalt and wood-shake roofs.

2. Build single family homes that can, when the children move out, be easily converted into duplexes.

3. Build recast concrete apartment homes that are steel reinforced, earthquake resistant, architecturally pleasing and sound proof.

4. Support tree planting along highways and country roads.

5. Raise the gas tax by 25 cents a gallon, and expand train and bus service and build state-of-the-art bike paths.

6. Support organic, local businesses whenever you can and avoid junk food, sugary soft drinks and unhealthy lifestyles.

Victor Stangenberg

Pt. Reyes Station

Correspondence clearinghouse

Dear Rohnert Park City Council:

I do not support the development of the Rohnert Park Wal-Mart into a grocery store. Please vote no on this proposal.

A Wal-Mart grocery store will compete directly with Safeway and Raley's stores, and will eventually put them out of business. When that happens, local citizens will have fewer opportunities for good, union jobs. That will hurt Rohnert Park.

The economic interests of working-class people are literally under siege. We are becoming poorer, many of us reduced to poverty. We are losing our homes, we're going bankrupt, budget cuts are destroying our ability to properly educate ourselves. We are in bad shape. The further expansion of Wal-Mart into this community will exacerbate this reality by replacing precious good jobs with bad ones.

The Rohnert Park City Council must use its authority to defend the economic welfare of citizens by defending decent jobs.

Hilary Smith

Rohnert Park

Dept. of Taking it from all Sides

From the Writer, re "The Nukes in Our Backyard" : Your editing to the word "graveyard" was not quite accurate. The graveyard storage for the things is in Pueblo, Colo., in those vast military warehouses. This site is a living history center and the vets who created it are proud of that.

From a Reader, re the Yoga Issue, Oct. 7: In your recent article on Bikram yoga, you failed to mention Red Dragon Yoga in Mill Valley in your list of studios that offer Bikram classes. Red Dragon has wonderful teachers and is a great place to practice Bikram. They should have been mentioned under the "Marin" studios where you only listed San Rafael Bikram Yoga.

From Someone Who Identified Himself Only as 'the King of Cheese' and Who Tore Off the Top of this Letters Page to Use as Scrap Paper in Handwriting This Note: Dear Gretchen—I was wondering if you think it is a good idea to list the music calendar by date with the artists and locations under each day? I do.

P. S., Sal's Bistro [listed with fair regularity in our Dining Guide] is gone.

From Some Anonymous Dude (Meant in a Gender-Neutral Way) Who Just Felt Pissy While Reading our Best Of Readers Poll 2009 Handbook, Oct. 14: Once again you've named Video Droid of Cotati, who have been out of business for at least three years. Got credibility?

The Ed.

serene in the knowledge that perfection is overrated and That Credibility takes more than one erroneous video store or pizza joint listing to crack. Mostly.

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