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Have I told you lately

I am a Marin resident who occasionally picks up the Bohemian. What a delightful surprise to read Bart Schneider's article on the Van Morrison concert ("Astral Response," May 13). He really nailed it. I am a boomer "Van Fan" as well. Nowadays, when I run into an old friend at a concert, instead of hitting him up for an extra doobie, I'm more likely to ask if he brought any extra earplugs!

I went to L.A. for the recording of Astral Weeks at the Hollywood Bowl last November. Van's performance was jaw-dropping. I sat in the second row literally stunned by the music. Your poetic writing brought it all back to me. Thanks so much.

Carol Guida
Mill Valley

Thanks from buzzy

I would like to take this time to express my deepest gratitude, love and respect to thank Roseland Elementary School library assistant Anna Collorafi, counselor Maria Orozco and, most of all, principal Dana Pederson for reading my book Don't Shoot! I'm the Guitar Man. You saw my passion for helping all at-risk youth, believed in me, and took a chance on a 30-week pilot mentoring program with seven little boys all with gang affiliations and criminal behavior who were making bad choices.

You all felt strongly enough to find funding for this program that helped me help mentor these young children set new goals for themselves other than fighting, stealing, being in a gang or wanting to go to prison. Teaching music, love, respect, truth, trust and equality gave these kids the basic tools to be open to try new ways to walk down another path in life.  Anna, Maria, and Dana: I honor you for being heroes in my eyes and heart for thinking out of the box to help these boys not be at risk but instead to be at opportunity.

Buzzy Martin


No to new ways to die

While I'm all for scientific progress, I must admit that the idea of a Hovercar 3000 as envisioned by your Sebastopol correspondent (Letters, May 27) scares the daylights out of me. Being a pessimist, I cannot help but think that all the irksome goings-on that currently occur out there on our roads and freeways on a daily basis would be exacerbated in the extreme with the added dimension of having them occur 100 feet in the air at 80 miles an hour. Darwin help us, most drivers out there can't even work up enough spatial awareness to handle four dimensions (front, back, right and left) let alone six (add up and down). Hovercars? Thanks, but no thanks.

Rich Jones
Monte Rio

Hurry Up please it's time

Mr. Cheney,

The George W. Bush administration had eight years to make things right, but screwed everything up (lying to the U.N, the American people and propagating the Iraq War). Now the American people want to make sure the world opinion of our country is mended. Please take your Halliburton and Brown & Root stock profits from the Iraq War and shut up!

Lee E. Tolbert


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