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Letters to the Editor 


You Love Noodles!

Thank you for your article on noodle restaurants ("Noodles, Long & Lovely," July 27). Now I have some new places to try! You forgot my favorite place, Gogi Kitchen, in the CVS shopping center on Mendocino Avenue in Santa Rosa. Thank you for providing our county with such great news!

Missy Danneberg


You Love Panuchos!

I can't believe that you overlooked El Rinconcito Yucateco (3935 Sebastopol Road, Santa Rosa) for authentic Yucatecan cuisine. They make outstanding dishes such as panuchos, cochinita pibil and poc-chuc. Their tortilla chips are freshly homemade. They have outstanding bean dip and salsa. I am addicted to panuchos, with their pickled onions atop a thin tortilla stuffed with beans, covered with achiote-spiced, marinated and grilled chicken. It is outstanding!This restaurant is just east of Highway 12 and deserves lines out the door!

Susan Spaulding

Santa Rosa

You Love Scooters!

We thank you for your kind and generous (and nearly dork-free!) attention to the world of scootering in the Bohemian ("What a Scoot," July 20). It's certainly been the talk of the scootering community, and the cover was as beautiful as any great national publication.

The best result of all is that last weekend's Scooter Rosa was able to generate over $3,000 for Worth Our Weight—not a fortune, but a damn respectable amount coming from a small cadre of dedicated riders. And your editorial coverage certainly helped the turnout for the event.

Roy & Johnna Gattinella

Revolution Moto, Santa Rosa

Republicans Playing Dirty

I ask this question honestly. Are there any Republican voters out there who believe in the basic principles of their party but are disgusted by the way Republicans consistently play dirty in Washington?

The recent unnecessary "crisis" created by the Republicans is just another hijacking of the country's well-being to advance the Republican agenda of gutting services for the poor. To instigate a game of chicken with the country's global economic standing and then declare a "compromise" is despicable. It proves that their guiding philosophy is "Get what we want, fuck everyone else." I have yet to find a Republican voter who is embarrassed by this philosophy. I'd like to find at least just one.

Greg Denton

Santa Rosa

Not-So-Smart Meters

I am an individual who has developed rf-EMF-EHS sensitivity after my smart meter was installed, as well as a rare and virulent form of skin cancer, with 15 symptoms total, all correlating to the syndrome mentioned in this article ("Save the Humans," July 13). The smart meter was placed on my bedroom wall near the head of the bed, by my pillow, on the outside of the building. For six months I tried to sleep in my usual spot, unaware of the danger (sleep was interfered with, as rf radiation interferes with melatonin production). By the time I was very ill, I found out it was the meter—from my doctor. And indeed, it is, very obviously. Now, I can't go near it, have become extremely sensitive, have endured painful loud clicking and ringing in the ears, ice-pick pain in the ears, severe headaches and more. This prompted me to research the problem and establish a website about the scientific community's info pertaining to rf radiation and smart meters: Now I have established a nonprofit, the Center for Electrosmog Prevention, to provide education and advocacy to learn about and fight smart meters. We don't need the utility companies harming us in our own homes. This simply cannot be tolerated.

Susan Brinchman

La Mesa

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