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Letters to the Editor 


Short and Sweet

Regarding "Battling Mono" (August 3), thanks for writing about an important but often-ignored topic in the "wine country."

Diane Askew


Plenty Embarrassed

In response to Greg Denton's inquiry (Rhapsodies & Rants, Aug. 3) regarding finding a Republican who is embarrassed by his or her party's "guiding philosophy," you can count the two of us. However, we are equally disgusted and embarrassed by the Democrats' shenanigans and finger-pointing, and think all members of both parties in Congress should be hung out to dry so we can start over.

Tim and Sandra Butler

Scotts Valley

Republican 'Philosophy'

Mr. Denton may want to talk to an actual Republican voter before saying he has never met one who is embarrassed by their party's "philosophy."

Many Republican and conservative voters across the country are dissatisfied by their party's actions or nonactions. However, those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Democrats have a president in office that they voted for and held a majority in both the House and Senate for two years, and yet Mr. Obama's approval rating is nothing to be proud of and Congress has hit an all-time low with, I believe, 82 percent of people polled not approving.Maybe Democratic voters should look to their elected officials rather than blaming Congress for all the country's problems. Just a thought from a Republican voter who wouldn't vote for 99 percent of the Republicans holding office these days.

Duncan Maloch

Santa Rosa

It's Like a Date Gone Really Bad

So imagine you are on a date, a very important date for both of you—in fact, the whole world is awaiting the outcome of this event. One diner is holding his fork left-handed, the other in the right. One orders organic and hormone-additive-free from the main course; diner number two orders a hamburger, fries and a Coke.

Both argue bitterly over dinner and drinks afterward. Diner number one sips sparkling water with lime; the other, 100-year-old scotch, while the restaurant owner and his waitstaff pace the floor awaiting one party or the other to pick up the check, pay and go home.

Neither party makes a move. In fact, both wait till the very last minute before the police arrive. Party number one offers to pay half. The other refuses to pay a dime. And just before the handcuffs come out, guess who settles in full while the other leaves a miserly dollar tip?

The debt ceiling vote in Congress speaks loud and clear which party cares about this huge "restaurant," its current "owner" and all of its hardworking staff.

Stephen Rudzinski


Let's Talk About Horses

The last 30 years of my life I've wondered if I'd recognize something really important, something revolutionary if someone sat it right in front of me. Well, this is it! ("Plow! Plow!," Aug. 3.)

The times they are a-changin', and right out there off Ferguson Creek! Here is the first real evidence I've seen that the baggage of awfulness of "modern agriculture" has weighted itself into obsolescence. Thanks to young humans and strong horses!

Tor Krieger

Santa Rosa

Dept. of Depts.

In last week's cover story on monoculture, we incorrectly identified Frederique Lavoipierre as the coordinator for the entomology department at Sonoma State University. Lavoipierre is in fact the coordinator for the entomology outreach program.

The Ed.

Missing the Orchards of his Youth

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