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Re: “Letters to the Editor: August 1, 2018

Thank you, Richard Nichols, for your outstanding letter which encapsulates the way many of us feel about the mishandling by our Sonoma County Supervisors of the Chanate transaction, which came about as a result of their recalcitrance and poor decision-making, and which has wound up costing the taxpayers of this county a lot of unnecessary money for yet more of their legal lunacy. I concur 100 percent with each and every opinion which you have so eloquently and effectively espoused. And to this, I will add: A rewrite of the game of "Monopoly" is not what's needed here. Opening up the process, involving the neighbors who live up there who will be impacted, the public, instituting a process of true competitive bidding and thinking outside the box with respect to this large parcel of property which holds much potential for future multiple uses, is. Or perhaps the county should consider keeping the property and developing it themselves. Either way, this flawed "deal" - which the county almost got away with - is, thankfully, now history.

Posted by Thomas Bonfigli on 08/02/2018 at 11:46 AM

Re: “The Fate of Chanate

Thank you, Peter Byrne. We need more investigative reporting of this type - and more investigative reporters like you.

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Posted by Thomas Bonfigli on 07/28/2018 at 12:45 AM

Re: “Sonoma Supers Push off Closed Session Conference in re: Andy Lopez Litigation

Thank you to all of the activists who were able to attend this Sonoma County Board of Supervisors meeting and express their strong opinion that the County of Sonoma Should settle the Andy Lopez lawsuit - and cease forthwith their desperate attempts to secure a legal victory. With the publication of the legal opinion by the Ninth-Circuit panel, which included numerous details which had theretofore not been made available to the public, it has become painfully crystal clear that this case has become a losing proposition for the County of Sonoma - and that, with each bruising loss that the County sustains as it desperately attempts to navigate the tortuous path of the Federal legal system, the amount that it is going to take to settle this matter has grown exponentially. And I expect this amount to increase significantly if our supes do, in fact, make the misguided decision to petition the United States Supreme Court to hear this matter - a petition which most assuredly will be denied outright.

And who will - once again - wind up footing the bill for all of this legal lunacy?
Why, the taxpayers of Sonoma County, of course.

You know, it's funny - and not at all in a good way - how so many anti-government-spending groups and fiscal-conservative types pop out of the proverbial woodwork each and every time a local ballot measure or State proposition is placed on the ballot before the voters, many of which are reflective of the thoughtful and best intentions of their sponsors to in some way improve the lives and well-being of various downtrodden and disinfranchsed segments of our society - but which will require levying a one-quarter-of-one-cent sales tax to do so.

The cat-cries, howls and shrills of some of the anti-taxpayer types has, on some of these occasions, been downright deafening, not to mention reflective of utter selfishness.

It's strange that since this tornado of legal paperwork began being filed in opposition to the Lopez's wrongful-death claim by the County of Sonoma all the back in 2014, I have not heard a single one of them register even the slightest complaint about this unnecessary, extravagant, wasteful expenditure of public funds.

Place me squarely in the column for supporting "option three" above.

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Posted by Thomas Bonfigli on 02/07/2018 at 11:38 AM

Re: “At What Cost?

Frank Saiz is correct in his statement above that "It is amazing how Sonoma County would allow this sort of division to happen...."

And as a 55-year-old, lifelong community member of Sonoma County, I have my own observations to add which may shed some light on his compelling observant statement:

Amazing - but not at all surprising, when you consider the history of Sonoma County's Southwest Quadrant - and the decades-long neglect, punctuated by lack of opportunity for many of those who have lived there - not to mention the social stigma and scorn experienced by many of us who have.

I know. I lived there for 43 years - and loved it!

Now the County of Sonoma needs to stop kicking the can down the road for yet another decade and get this park established and constructed - with the amenities and features which the Moorland Neighborhood community members conceptualized and incorporated into the design features at numerous participatory park planning meetings which were held in the fall of 2015.

Time is of the essence, since this community has been waiting for a park since being promised one all the way back in 1989 - and because back-turning and neglect are no longer acceptable nor viable options - and never were.

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Posted by Thomas Bonfigli on 04/06/2017 at 11:51 PM

Re: “Letters to the Editor: January 4, 2016

Fantastic letter, Doug!

Methinks that Ms. Hopkins is quite adept at the "art" of doublespeak.

I am heartened that you have conveyed so clearly that you aren't buying such nonsense.
And neither am I.

It is one thing to use Donald Trump's victory and upcoming ascendancy to power as an easy diversionary target in an effort to deflect the memories of the voters away from the disturbing facts of how she obtained her seat.

However, it is quite another thing to think that all of the voters are so stupid that they will not realize the irony in the adoption of such a sordid political tactic.

Fortunately, the Fifth District isn't entirely composed of fools who will blithely buy into such nonsense.

It is now up to Ms. Hopkins to decisively prove the naysayers wrong by disavowing the unprecedented plethora of dirty tactics which were employed by her big-money donors, her advisers and her handlers who helped her to obtain this local seat of political power.

We'll be watching and waiting with equal parts of anticipation and apprehension.
But we won't be holding our breath.

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Posted by Thomas Bonfigli on 01/05/2017 at 12:52 AM

Re: “Taking the 5th

The title of this article is highly misleading.

"Take Back the Fifth District" from who?

And for what?

From the SAME people who backed Efren Carrillo in his last two election bids?

And to keep the strings of power attached firmly to someone who has never held public office, who has never written a piece of legislation which has actually affected the lives of community members and who has NEVER cast a SINGLE VOTE for or against a resolution, an item or a bill?

As far as I'm concerned, this article is so full of biases, inaccuracies and intentionally misleading meanderings that it has been rendered completely meaningless to anyone who was looking to your publication for an investigative treatise on the two candidates' respective backgrounds, qualifications and abilities to represent and lead the voters of the Fifth District.

Sadly, you fritted away a grand opportunity to do so - and seriously impaled your journalistic integrity in the process.

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Posted by Thomas Bonfigli on 03/14/2016 at 3:59 PM

Re: “Taking the 5th

Mr. Raskin:

I wish to clear up a major falsehood which is contained in your article:

You state that "Even Evans's supporters describe her as a carpetbagger."

That is absolutely FALSE!

Here's one supporter who doesn't - and I have yet to hear EVEN ONE of Ms. Evans' numerous and varied supporters tag her with that rather disparaging ascription.

I will note that Ms. Evans has lived in Sonoma County for approximately 36 years - which is something which cannot be matched by ANY of her opponents.

And I will further note that Ms. Evans represented the Fifth Supervisorial District as part of her leadership duties while serving admirably in the California State Legislature AND the California State Senate.

It would now appear that some of her opponents and their "advisors" are having second thoughts about invoking the spurious "carpetbagger" argument and are trying desperately to put the carpetbag genie back into the bottle where it belongs.

Unfortunately, you seem to have hastily taken a drink of this Kool-Aid and have fallen right into their trap.

I say that such a blatant inaccuracy is beneath the good voting community members of Sonoma County's Fifth District - and should never have been invoked in the first place.

I heartily support Ms. Evans' candidacy to become the next Fiftgh-District Supervisor for Sonoma County and would urge my family, friends and acquaintances to join me in doing so as well.

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Posted by Thomas Bonfigli on 03/09/2016 at 1:44 PM

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